FAME Festival 2009 Line-up

Last year’s FAME Festival by Studiocromie was probably Italy’s street art event of the year, and on September 19th it will be back again with an equally impressive group of artists.

Fame 2009

Last year, the artists did some amazing work on the street (like this JR piece below), so hopefully that trend coninues.

Photo by urbanpainting.info
Photo by urbanpainting.info

If I were putting together a street art festival, this is pretty close to my dream line up. To name just a few of the highlights, Erica La Cane did very impressive work on the street at FAME last year, SAM3 and Blu always impress me with their unique styles, Mark Jenkins is one of the top artists when it comes to disruptive realism, and Vhils and Judith Supine are just plain awesome.

I’m looking into flights to Italy for this September.