Faith47 and Keeping Graffiti in Cape Town

Faith47 has been getting the word out recently about a potential change in anti-graffiti laws in Cape Town. The new law would prohibit property owners from even giving permission for graffiti on their buildings. Here are Faith47’s two main concerns with the proposed law:

1. The definition of ‘graffiti’ under the by-law is too broad. It classifies ‘graffiti’ as any inscription, word, figure, letter, sign, symbol, sketch, picture or drawing. There should be a clear differentiation between ‘graffiti vandalism’ [e.g. gang tags, scratchings] and public art that is done with permission from the owner [murals, colourful characters and positive, inspiring messages].
2. The by- law removes the legal right of the private property owner to paint anything other than a house number on his/her wall. We strongly believe that the private property owner should maintain the right to determine what to paint on to his/her property without permission from the City.

Read the rest of her email here.

Public Ad Campaign has a short interview up with Faith47 about how her work might be effected by the proposed law, which you can read here.

Finally, there is a petition that anybody can sign to show their opposition to this proposed law. I signed, and you can too. Just go here.