D*Face Billboard Part 2

UPDATE: Definitely not an April Fools joke that I am playing you on/somebody is playing on me. Fragile on Banksy Forum saw one live this morning.

Yesterday I posted about D*Face’s latest billboard, and today I’ve got a new image of what the billboard turned into part way through the day. People have been suggesting this is an April Fools’ joke, and it might be, but I swear I’m not in on it.

D*Face Billboard Image 2

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  1. Comments are disabled on this post and the other post about D*Face’s new billboard because they have been getting a bit out of hand and I’m tired of moderating them for language/content/general respectfulness and whatnot.
    Just so nobody feels cheated, here’s a summary: Some people really don’t like D*face, some people thought this was an April Fools thing.

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