I Can’t Get Enough of i.am.doom

Drop Knowledge Not Bombs by i.am.doom

So I’ve been looking through i.am.doom’s flickr a lot lately. He’s got some pretty cool work up, and his stencils are clean and well-executed. That’s more than I can say for a lot of the work on flickr, which is part of why he’s been impressing me. Besides meeting my pretty low standards for skill, i.am.doom also has unique imagery. Plenty of street artists use grenades, but his “Drop Knowledge Not Bombs” design just makes me smile with his new use of an old symbol.

i.am.doom alice painting

More photos after the jumpi.am.doom speedracer

i.am.doom bubbleboy

i.am.doom lips

Photos from i.am.doom’s flickr, where you can see more of his work