Concrete Canvas’ The Krah Interview

Locked Up by The Krah. Photo by RJ
Locked Up by The Krah. Photo by RJ

Concrete Canvas has just posted a great interview with The Krah. Among other topics, The Krah’s recent project of locking pieces to the street is discussed:

We featured your ‘locked up’ work on Concrete Canvas last week, what inspired you to do this and do you reckon those pieces will avoid the buff?
I got inspired by Revs from New York, he never used pad locks but what he did was welded sculptures of graff letters in the streets. I got fed up of people stealing my work, I found that whatever I put up was gone a day later. So I locked them to fuck with people.The thing that I don’t like is that they don’t take it because they like it they take it to sell it on. The good thing is that it confuses the authorities they just don’t understand it, is it graffiti? Is it DIY gone mad? What is it? Its quick to put up and the scavengers find it harder to steal so it stays up the longest. I will be making sculptures that will get locked up and I also have lots of other tricks that you will see soon.

Check out the rest of the interview here.