Troy Lovegates, new mural in Miami

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Detail of “Falling”. Photo by Troy Lovegates.

Last December, during the famous Art Basel Miami Beach 2013, Troy Lovegates (aka Other) did a stunning mural in Wynwood. Beautiful, always. Rather than describe it or try to explain Troy Lovegates‘ work, I invite everybody to check out the video, and to listen to his own words….Beautiful, always.


Large view of the mural “falling”. Photo by Troy Lovegates.

Photos courtesy of Troy Lovegates

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Banksy + 5: October 3rd

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Banksy at 24th Street and 6th Avenue. Photo by Luna Park.

Banksy at 24th Street and 6th Avenue. Photo by Luna Park.

Once again, I’m much more a fan of the audio description of this latest Banksy piece than the work itself, which may be the point or maybe I’m just taking Banksy too seriously (as the audio description for this piece suggests). Luna Park came across this piece on Wednesday before it was announced on the Better Out Than In site this morning. It was confirmed last night when a description of it became available on the Better Out Than In audio guide 800-number (1-800-656-4271-2#). Hat tip to Ryan Oakes for alerting me to the audio description. Now, you can listen to it over the phone or on Banksy’s website.

And now for our +5, five other photos of street art by artists other than Banksy that were uploaded to Flickr yesterday. Today there’s work by Poster Boy, DabsMyla, Troy Lovegates, Tomo and one unknown artist:

Unknown artist in Benicàssim, Spain. Photo by mejuan.

Unknown artist in Benicàssim, Spain. Photo by mejuan.

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates in Berlin. Photo by Bernard Oh.

Poster Boy. Photo by Poster Boy.

Poster Boy in NYC. Photo by Poster Boy.

Tomo in Liverpool. Photo by Beverley Goodwin.

Tomo in Liverpool. Photo by Beverley Goodwin.

DabsMyla in Norway. Photo by Marie Guillaumet.

DabsMyla in Norway. Photo by Marie Guillaumet.

Photos by Luna Park, mejuan, Bernard Oh, Poster Boy, Beverley Goodwin and Marie Guillaumet

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Weekend link-o-rama

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Unit 12, maybe. Photo by Dani Mozeson.

Unit 12 or Unit 112, maybe?

This link-o-rama is super helpful for me, because all week I’ve been working on my upcoming ebook instead of blogging. Hopefully the ebook will be out in November… Anyways, links:

  • I love that this show at LeQuiVive Gallery reframes a certain kind of work that often gets lumped in with street art or urban art as Neu Folk Revival, which describes the work much better than calling it street art or urban art or low-brow art. Some real talent in this show: Doodles, Troy Lovegates, Cannon Dill, ghostpatrol, Zio Ziegler, Daryll Peirce, Justin Lovato… It opens next month.
  • This piece by Part2ism needs to be seen. And look closely. That’s not just paint on the wall. Very interesting. I am glad to see Part2ism on the streets again, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Once again, he has shown that he is ahead of the rest of us. This piece doesn’t look like graffiti. It doesn’t look like street art. It looks like art on the street, and that’s much too rare.Swampy has relaunched his website and posted a video diary sort of thing. I’m very curious what people think about it. Have a look and let me know.Check out this concept from Jadikan-LP: Art that only exists within Google Maps. Click the link. Explore the room. I normally hate lightpainting or “light graffiti,” but I absolutely love this piece. As far as I’m concerned, the internet is a public space and Jadikan-LP has invaded it with artwork, so this project is street art.
  • CDH wrote a really fascinating article in Art Monthly Australia about the commodification of street art. While I don’t agree with him entirely, I think it’s a must-read because at least it sparks some thoughts. It’s one of the best-written critiques I’ve read of the capitalistic nature of contemporary street art. Over on Invurt, they have posted CDH’s article as well as a response by E.L.K. (who CDH calls out in his critique). In his article, CDH called out E.L.K. for using stencils with so many layers that the work isn’t really street anymore, since stencils were initially used for being quick and a piece with 20 layers isn’t going to be quick. It’s just going to look technically interesting. Well, E.L.K. shot back in his response and made himself look like an idiot and seemingly declaring that all conceptual street art and graffiti is crap. There were arguments he could have made to defend complex stenciling or critique other points of CDH’s article, but instead E.L.K. mostly just attacked CDH as an artist. Anyway, definitely read both the original article and the response over at Invurt. The comments on the response are interesting as well.

Photo by Dani Mozeson

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Labrona, Troy Lovegates and Alex Produkt… summer nights in Mtl

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Labrona and Other. Photo by Labrona.

While Labrona and Troy Lovegates (aka Other) were working on some beautiful murals in Montreal this summer, they found time to escape into the lowlands of the city, to continue to express their art, night and day, despite being exhausted by all the work they were doing on their own murals! (See the mural of Troy Lovegates here, and the one Labrona is now working on at the end of this post.) It’s always amazing to be in front of a mural painted by these incredible artists, but the pleasure is the same when you are front of an illegal piece in the street. Can you feel the sweet sensations of the summer? Anyway, I do!  Meanwhile, Labrona took some breaks alone and with Alex Produkt and Troy Lovegates went out on some solo missions too… a great summer for all of them, actually.

trizz (2)_01

Labrona. Photo by Labrona.


Other and Labrona. Photo by Labrona


Labrona and Produkt. Photo by Labrona.


Other and Labrona. Photo by Labrona.

Labrona and Troy Lovegates

Labrona and Other. Photo by Other.

Other. Photo by Other.

Other. Photo by Other.

Other. Photo by Other.

Detail of the mural Labrona is actually doing with MU in Montreal (a large ceiling in 2 parts)


Labrona – detail. Photo by Labrona.

Photos by Labrona and Troy Lovegates aka Other

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A living museum, evolving walls in Montreal, Canada.

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DSC_0314 4_01

November, 2011- Dscreet, Adam, add their art to the original piece by El flyer, Simo, Produkt, Leeny, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Giver, Nixon.

When I started to hunt Montreal illegal street art, it appeared to me that a city is not static as usual people can think it. When you look closer, you can observe the walls change by the art that sticks on them. I was able to see the evolution of the streets and in the same time I saw ordinary places becoming amazing spots. When an artist, or a group of artists take over a wall, a door, and make it themselves, they give a soul to the city.  Below you will see the transformation of some pieces whether completed or fixed. Interestingly, from a collective action or an individual one, it results that the urban environment is likely to be changed and magnified. The walls are for everyone but some of them exclusively belong to some artists. Hope they stay like this!

DSC_1249 2_01

September, 2010 – Leeny, Giver, Produkt, Other

DSC_1553 2_01

November, 2010 – El FLyer, Simo, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Produkt, Giver, Leeny

DSC_0125 8_01

March, 2011- Artist unknown

DSC_0891 2_01

August, 2011- HoarKor

DSC_0384 2_01

November, 2011- HoarKor, Stikki Peaches, Waxhead

DSC_0422 4_01

November, 2011- Labrona.

DSC_4880 2_01

July, 2012- Labrona, Gawd

DSC_1408 2_01

November, 2010- Produkt


August, 2013- Produkt

DSC_4895 2_01

July, 2012 – Waxhead

DSC_5253 2_01

August, 2012- Waxhead, Gawd


June, 2013- Waxhead, Gawd

Photos by Aline Mairet

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Street Art in Montréal, Canada, Summer

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Garbage Beauty

Here we are, in the middle of an hot, sweat and incredible summer in Montreal. The perfect place to walk in the back alleys and abandoned areas, looking for fresh air and street art. “The perfect day to be outside” for a street art photographer ! Street art works by Garbage Beauty, Chris Dyer, QBNYC, Produkt, Waxhead, Cryote, GawdLabrona, Troy lovegates aka Other, Mathieu Connery aka 500M, Lilyluciole, Mathieu Bories, WIA.


Chris Dyer and QBNYC



DSC_2592 2_01

Cryote and Waxhead

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MURAL Festival, Montreal, Canada (part 1)

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MURAL‘s first edition is what we can call a success. Montreal had never run such a massive urban art event … MURAL brought together some incredible local and  international artists for 4 days of explosive creativity. Running up and down Saint-Laurent Boulevard to admire and document all the murals was delightful. After given you an idea of the murals in progress last Sunday, here are the completed murals of ROA, Troy Lovegates (aka Other), Escif, Omen, Phlegm, Reka One, Pixel pancho, A Squid Called Sebastian, Le Bonnard, A’shop.




Troy Lovegates (aka Other)


Escif – Barré means “Locked”


Escif – Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

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MURAL Festival in Montreal, Canada: Work in progress

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Pixel Pancho – work in progress

For the last few days, the first MURAL Festival edition has taken over more than 20 walls in Montreal, Canada, located around the oldest boulevard of the city called “the main”, namely Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Running from June 13 to 16, MURAL offers to the public the opportunity to see some of the big masters of street art at work. Street artists, graffiti artists and muralists have been bringing all their energy and their incredible talent to refresh the streets. Among amazing international artists are the best Canadian ones. The list is long, but impressive: Pixel Pancho, ROA, Phlegm, Escif, Reka One, Gaia, LNY, Ricardo Cavolo, FinDAC & Angelina Christina, Labrona, Troy Lovegates (aka Other), Omen, Jason Botkin, Chris Dyer, EnMasse, Stare, Squid called Sebastian, Le Bonnard, Paria Crew, A’shop, Wzrds gng.

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Troy Lovegates show this Friday at MOHS exhibit

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Sorry for the short notice, but Troy Lovegates aka Other has a solo show opening in Copenhagen this Friday the 24th at MOHS exhibit. Shallow Lake opens on May 24th and runs through June 29th. Definitely check it out. Lovegates is one of my favorite painters, indoors and outdoors. He has such a way of capturing people.

In addition to the show inside the gallery, Lovegates painted this mural on the outside of the space:

Photos courtesy of Troy Lovegates

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Troy Lovegates in Chicago

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I’m excited to see that Troy Lovegates aka Other, one of my favorite street artists, just painted this mural in my hometown of Chicago. It was installed as part of the Art In Public Places project with Pawn Works, the Chicago Urban Art Society, and Alderman Danny Solis.



Photos by Nicholas Marzullo

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