Labrona, Troy Lovegates and Alex Produkt… summer nights in Mtl

Labrona and Other. Photo by Labrona.

While Labrona and Troy Lovegates (aka Other) were working on some beautiful murals in Montreal this summer, they found time to escape into the lowlands of the city, to continue to express their art, night and day, despite being exhausted by all the work they were doing on their own murals! (See the mural of Troy Lovegates here, and the one Labrona is now working on at the end of this post.) It’s always amazing to be in front of a mural painted by these incredible artists, but the pleasure is the same when you are front of an illegal piece in the street. Can you feel the sweet sensations of the summer? Anyway, I do!  Meanwhile, Labrona took some breaks alone and with Alex Produkt and Troy Lovegates went out on some solo missions too… a great summer for all of them, actually.

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Labrona. Photo by Labrona.

Other and Labrona. Photo by Labrona
Labrona and Produkt. Photo by Labrona.
Other and Labrona. Photo by Labrona.
Labrona and Troy Lovegates
Labrona and Other. Photo by Other.
Other. Photo by Other.
Other. Photo by Other.
Other. Photo by Other.

Detail of the mural Labrona is actually doing with MU in Montreal (a large ceiling in 2 parts)

Labrona – detail. Photo by Labrona.

Photos by Labrona and Troy Lovegates aka Other