Weekend link-o-rama

Sowat DMV and Gris

This might have been one of the least productive weeks of my life. Just one of those weeks. Here’s some of the stuff I didn’t post about while procrastinating 30 minutes of homework for 3 hours on Thursday:

Photo by Sowat DMV

Underdog Teaser Videos

Vandalog was sent over some pretty cool videos hyping the new Underdog show in Lisbon, Portugal opening Friday. Featuring primarily Portuguese artists, the goal of the project is to raise awareness of street art in Portugal.

Leading the show is the young whirlwind artist, Vhils, who created this trailer for the show in conjunction with Orelha Negra.

Vhils x Orelha Negra Colab from Vhils on Vimeo.

The other is a video promoting the rebellious nature of the show representing the Maismenos project.

± TO PROTEST AND TO SUBVERT ± teaser video UNDERDOGS from PlusqueMinusque on Vimeo.

The Underdogs – making room for street art in Portugal

The Underdogs project is a new venture from Vhils and a number of other (primarily Portuguese) street artists who are trying to gain more awareness for street art in Portugal. Some of the artists included in the group include Vhils and Tosco. Vhils tell Vandalog that the core of The Underdogs is a drive to make a platform for showing and uplifting street art in Portugal in a variety of different ways.

I’m still not 100% sure of everything that the project will involve, but their launch event is taking place this Friday at Vera Cortês in Lisbon. For that event, The Underdogs have teamed up with Pictures on Walls to show some prints by Blu, Steve Powers and others. In addition to being an art exhibition, the launch event will double as the launch of The Underdogs’ first book, a book about the Portuguese street art scene and its history.

For more info about The Underdogs and their launch party, check out Target’s blog.

This could be the start of something pretty interesting. If you’re in Lisbon, definitely something to check out. Let us know how it goes.

The Vhils book – Selected Works 2005-2010

Vhils aka Alexandre Farto had a book full of his best artwork published this fall. I was sent a copy a couple of weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it since. I remember the first time I saw Vhils’ art. Probably the same as most of his fans, I was blown away by what he did at Cans Festival back in 2008. At the time, I knew almost nothing about street art, but I could tell that Vhils was doing something very different and powerful. I’ve been a fan ever since, even if I’ve occasionally been critical of him. When I heard that Vhils was putting together a book, I knew I’d have to add it to my collection.

Vhils hasn’t disappointed. At over 150 pages, Selected Works 2005-2010 includes almost all of my favorite pieces indoors and outdoors from Vhils, and many that I didn’t know existed. Vhils’ art is definitely best experienced outdoors, but to see all of his walls in the flesh would mean traveling around the globe from Moscow to Italy to California and other spots in between, so a book will have to do. Thankfully, this book is really well printed. While Selected Works 2005-2010 isn’t likely to be of interest to people who aren’t already fans of Vhils, for fans like me, it’s a great overview and reminder of why we follow Vhils’ work.

You can buy Vhils’ Selected Works 2005-2010 online for €19.90 or €29.90 for a signed version.

Photo by Ian Cox

Weekend link-o-rama

A mobile projection by Armsrock

Here’s what I missed this week, or where people just wrote things that I couldn’t do or wrote them better than I could:

Photo by Armsrock

Weekend link-o-rama


So, I like to procrastinate. This week, I didn’t get to post everything I wanted to here because I was catching up on homework. I spent 12 hours on trains and buses last weekend, and didn’t get a single piece of homework done. Because of that, I haven’t been able to write about everything awesome in street art this week, but other people did:

  • Unurth had some fantastic posts this week: It looks like Swoon was in New Orleans, and Zilda has put up some beautiful wheatpastes in Brittany.
  • Also from Swoon, here’s some photos of work by her and C215 in Venice.
  • Similarly, Target posted some photos this week that you have to check out: Bruno Santinho’s placement is spot-on, and of course there’s Vhils’ wall for Nuart.
  • The Ma’Claim crew (Rusk, Tasso, Case and Akut) are in LA right now painting. Haven’t seen any pictures yet though. And if you’re in LA, they’ve be doing some live painting followed by a talk on Saturday. Sour Harvest has the details on all that.
  • Dran, Bom.K and Sowat have been up to some craziness in Spain.
  • Steph mentioned that Ron English has a massive show on in NYC right now called Status Factory, but I just want to remind everyone to check out the sculptures from that show. For me, some of the most interesting work Ron has done indoors. And to check out the entire show, of course Arrested Motion has the photos you want.
  • Jenny Holzer (one of the original street artists from way before I was born) has made some sneakers with Keds to support The Whitney. They’re out of a lot of sizes on the Keds website, but Bloomingdales.com seems to have a slightly better selection. Still, both sites are out of low-top black ones in my size, so if anybody has that in a 9, let me know.
  • Ross Morrison has been posting some stunning portraits of urban and street artists.
  • Sickboy and Shepard both have some new books (actually Shepard’s is an updated version of his recent Arktip magazine). Shepard’s looks nice and I like Sickboy, but I’m not sure I need a whole book from him just yet.
  • Quel Beast has his first solo show coming up on October 9th. Andrew Michael Ford is putting the show on at King’s Country Bar in Brooklyn. Should definitely be worth checking out. It’s always interesting to see how street artists bring their work indoors for the first time.
  • Nolionsinengland has photographed two awesome rollers: Mighty Mo & Gold Peg right next to Village Underground and Type with a sort of ESPO tribute roller I guess.

Photo by Elfo

Hell’s Half Acre: Laz’ turn in the tunnels

Mark Jenkins

After a series of shows in LA over the summer, Lazarides Gallery‘s next pop-up show is taking place back home in London. Next month, they’ll be at The Old Vic Tunnels (aka, the Leake Street tunnels) for a group show: Hell’s Half Acre. The is only running from October 12-17th, but the list of artists is top notch: Polly Morgan, Vhils, Mark Jenkins, Bast, Todd James and more.

The entire show will be inspired by Dante’s Inferno and all the artists will making work based on their interpretations of hell.

For more info, go here (sorry, it’s a PDF).

Photo by Jack Two

Nuart 2010: Landmarks


Stavanger’s Nuart festival is well under way right now with some huge walls finished or in progress. This year’s Nuart is called The “Landmark” Series, and artists are not taking the challenge lightly. While in Stavanger last year, I thought that the city had been pretty transformed by street art, but now things are getting bigger than ever. A few weeks ago, Elisa posted here about Dotmasters’ Toy piece, but that’s just the start of what’s been going on.

Vhils in progress
EVOL didn't actually go huge, but he made a bunch of these (check out the Know Hope tag that was already on the box)
Alexandros Vasmoulakis

And I mentioned this piece by Blu and Ericailcane a while back, but didn’t actually post photos, so here are some photos of it:

Photos by kalevkevad

EuroTrash Revisited

EuroTrash featuring Conor Harrington, Vhils, JR and Antony Micallef from ST Press on Vimeo.

For those of you that have been following our coverage of Lazarides latest show EuroTrash here on Vandalog, this newly released video (which is rather sweet might I add) captures all the action building up to the shows opening night and lets you see the stellar line up of artists inlcuding Vhils, JR, Antony Micallef and Conor Harrington at work. Worth a watch if like me you are unable to attend to show itself. Check it out!

You can also read our exclusive interview with one of EuroTrash’s featured artists Conor Harrington here

Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape

I know I mentioned this show in the Invasion of San Diego post, but I figured I would go into a little more depth with it, since it is opening July 18th to the public.

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) will be hosting one of the first street art museum exhibits in the middle of July.  Citing the cultural influence of art in cities, “Viva La Revolucion” brings together some of the most high profile street artists today that have made an impact on city spaces with their socio-political works.  Not only will the exhibit be one of the broadest street art museum displays ever curated, but the city of San Diego will also pay host to several public works created in currently unknown locations by some of the featured artists.  Invader’s pieces are just one of the public works, with more pieces surly to follow by the likes of Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and Blu and David Ellis, and possibly Banksy.  I cannot wait to see what comes of this.

Os Gemeos. Photo by apwbATTACK

Here is a complete list of the artists participating:

Mark Bradford
William Cordova
Date Farmers
Stephan Doitschinoff
Dr. Lakra
David Ellis
Shepard Fairey
Barry McGee
Ryan McGinness
Os Gemeos

For more information check out MCASD’s website

Photo by apwbATTACK