Very Nearly Almost 16

Very Nearly Almost issue 16 has been out for about a month and a half now, so I’m a bit late on this one. Issue 16 has Invader on the cover, a must-read interview with Kid Zoom, photos from the streets of London, Paris and Melbourne and much more. The stand-out of this issue is definitely that interview with Kid Zoom, and if you’re a fan of his, I’d pick up VNA16 just for that piece alone. It’s one of the most honest and mature interviews I’ve read from any young artist. That dude is going places.

You can buy Very Nearly Almost in their online shop.

Photos courtesy of Very Nearly Almost

Weekend link-o-rama

El Mac

First week of school down. Just a boatload more to go. Here’s what I’ve been checking out to procrastinate doing homework:

Photo by unusualimage

Very Nearly Almost 15 – perhaps the most Vandalog-y VNA yet

The latest issue of Very Nearly Almost, issue 15, went on sale last month. As a fan and occasional contributor to VNA, it’s a magazine that I always pick up. This issue is particularly cool though because it might have the more interviews with artists that I’ve written a lot about on Vandalog than any other issue of VNA. This is a coincidence, but certainly a happy one for me. Besides the interview that I did with Jordan Seiler, there is of course a detailed cover article where VNA speaks to Shepard Fairey, some very insightful words from Logan Hicks, a crazy series of conversations with members of Burning Candy (the VNA team might have been the only people to ever get the full nine current and former members of BC in one room at the same time) and interviews with Ripo and Nychos (who I haven’t written about too much, but now I want to) as well. As always, the guys at Very Nearly Almost have put together a quality zine and I highly recommend picking up a copy.

Here are a few teasers from this issue:

Photos courtesy of Very Nearly Almost

Weekend link-o-rama

"Black Rose" by Ludo

Were you at the launch of Very Nearly Almost on Thursday? Well we probably didn’t see each other, since I was out of there by 8pm! Damn jet lag. Dunno how it lasted so long. Anyway, I’m in London for the summer now. I missed a link-o-rama post last week, so here’s some stuff you should check out but haven’t seen on Vandalog over the last few weeks.

  • I plan to pick up this book on San Fransisco graffiti in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Don’t Panic interviewed Kid Acne.
  • 1000 swings are going to be installed across LA in strange places. Yes.
  • Speaking of 1000, Invader has placed his 1000th piece in Paris and has a show there soon to celebrate.
  • Street artists like Herakut painted murals in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • KAWS has some new paintings at Art Hong Kong.
  • Faile have brought their random cube paintings to a new interactive level with their Puzzle Box pieces. There are original “puzzle boxes” for sale where you can rearrange the cubes any way you would like, or you can try the puzzles out online or through an iPod/iPad app. Check it all out here.
  • This piece by Cyrcle and Chad Muska is either one of the most annoying pieces of so-called street art I’ve seen all year, or a very clever conceptual piece that still fails. Either, it’s an ad for some Chad Muska shoes trying to be street art, or it’s a commentary on the apparent double-standard that many street art fans (myself included) have when it comes to encouraging individuals to place art on the street but discouraging advertises from using the streets in a similar way to sell products. Problem is, if this is some conceptual joke (which I highly doubt), it fails like a lot of attempts at conceptual street art because it requires an artists’ statement or so much prior knowledge that it is extremely likely to be effectively be an advertisement for the vast majority of viewers, negating any conceptual/humorous basis for the piece. Or I suppose it’s both an ad for his shoes and a commentary on that double-standard, but since I don’t like wheatpasted ads, particularly those that try to pass themselves off as street art, well then I’m just upset about that. Stick to skateboarding Chad.

Photo by Ludo

VNA 15 x Obey

This Thursday VNA will launch their latest issue featuring the likes of Shepard Fairey aka Obey. The issue also contains features on Nychos, Logan Hicks, Burning Candy Crew and Elph. By the sound of it the launch is going to be a bash you don’t want to miss. The party starts at 6pm on Thursday at Black Rat Press. To get on the list email

And to pre-order your copy of VNA click here

VNA 14 is coming: Sickboy, Doze Green and more

The above flyer says just about all you need to know. The next issue of my zine of choice, Very Nearly Almost, will be released next week, with the usual launch party in London and special edition cover available there. I can’t wait to read their interview with Doze Green.

Here’s a little bit of what we’ll find inside VNA 14:

Photos courtesy of Very Nearly Almost

VNA13 – Eine, Steve Powers, Dan Witz and a girl with her shirt off

I’ve got a drawer full of books and magazines to read and review right now, but Very Nearly Almost number 13 jumped to the front of the queue this weekend when I took a bus to and from Washington, DC. Why? Because it’s light and small and fits in my backpack way better than Trespass.

Regular Vandalog readers will know that I’m a fan of Very Nearly Almost, and issue 13 is no exception. Interviews with Elbow-toe, Dan Witz and Miso are great because I think they (particularly Miso) are overlooked talents. And then there’s Steve Powers who never responded to Vandalog’s recent interview request (kind of expected that to be honest). There’s even an essay by Dave The Chimp, who never ceases to entertain me, about the need to experience art in real life (as in not on blogs or in magazines). Oh and on page 74 there’s a photo of a topless girl.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit glib. I really just want to write this post and get to sleep. Just got my flu shot and the symptoms are kicking in a bit. In all seriousness though, VNA is probably my favorite magazine and art lover should pick up a copy of their latest issue. You can get it online for £4.

VNA 13 launches on Friday at Moniker

Yes I know, another thing about Moniker. But this needs to be mentioned. Very Nearly Almost issue 13 is launching on Friday night at the Moniker Art Fair from 7-9pm. As always, this issue sounds awesome: Eine, Elbow-toe, Miso, ESPO, Dan Witz…

There’s a reason that VNA are my favorite art magazine. Besides great content, they always try to do something a bit special with their launches. This time around, the special edition of the magazine comes with an Eine screenprinted cover, a VNA/Eine fridge magnet and stickers from a bunch of the artists in the magazine. This special edition is limited to 100 copies and they will be available on Friday night, so RSVP to and get there early.

And here’s a video teaser for the issue:

VNA issue 13 from Make Some Tea on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of Very Nearly Almost

VNA Issue 12 launches next week

Very Nearly Almost issue number 12 is launching next week at the Pure Evil Gallery in London. This issue of VNA features M-City, Buff Monster, Mr. Jago and more. Oh and then there’s the cover: Roa. I did the interview with Roa, but I think the most interesting part of that feature is going to be the photos. I haven’t seen the finished version yet, but it’s going to be something a bit different. I won’t spoil what makes that bird on the cover so unique, but you may be able to figure it out for yourself with some clever googling.

At the launch party, you’ll be able to buy a special edition of VNA with a screenprinted cover. Plus Mr. Jago will be there doing some painting. So make sure to stop by Pure Evil Gallery on Thursday the 12th from 6-9pm and let me know what you think.