Random Street Art News

So I’ve got a couple things to catch up posting on, so here’s my street art news post about all the cool stuff going on in street art and some of the awesome postings in the street art blogosphere.

1. Shepard Fairey was on The Colbert Report! Watch the video over at Hustler of Culture

2. Beautiful Crime and FarkFK are dropping canvases today througout London

3. Luna Park has written a nice piece on the recent “From The Streets of Brooklyn” show for Shift

4. StolenSpace Gallery has a show opening January 29th with the king of dissruptive realism: Brad Downey

Brad Downey Show

5. Wooster Collective has suggestions for 6 people for art lover to follow on twitter (but don’t forget to follow Vandalog too)

White Noise 2(night)

Black Rat Press’ group show White Noise opens tonight (in a few minutes actually), and as usual, I’ll be twittering live.

The show has work from a very diverse group of artits, from Matt Small to Blek le Rat.

Just a reminder for those who are a bit confused when I say I’ll be twittering the show: Twitter is a “micro-blogging” site, and when I go to openings, I post comments and photos live at http://twitter.com/vandalog. That means that even if you can’t be at the opening you’ll be among the first to see images and hear about it.