Goal Crew: A way of life


When I was first tipped off to Goal Crew’s work, I was told they were crushing the Buenos Aires subway and that I had to check it out. Scouring through their Tumblr archive I did find the kind of bold color blocky tags and characters that one would expect to see on a train. What I found even more attractive about their pieces is the precision timing and care taken into photographing each train.


Rather than focusing on a perfect dead-on shot that would accurately show their skills at bombing, Goal Crew depicts each train as if it has its own personality. Light streaks and unamused passengers on their daily commute dot the backdrops of their trains. These happenstance¬†occurrences during their photographs bring an atmosphere to the pieces’ vivid colors.

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Labrona and Other On The Trains

You may have already seen this interview with Labrona at Bombing Science, but if not, it’s a nice read and after reading it, I thought I’d find a few photos of Labrona‘s work with his friend Other. They both paint portraits on trains, and although they have very different styles, I think they work well next to each other. For those who aren’t familiar with Labrona and Other, Labrona is on the left in these first two pictures, and Other is on the right.

Labrona and Other
Labrona and Other
Labrona and Other. Photo from Labrona
Labrona and Other

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