Stylewars: The Musical

So umm… Apparently Steve Powers, Todd James and Barry McGee are reuniting for MOCA’s upcoming Art in the Streets show. Then this thing popped up online. Steve Powers’ says on his blog, “Im in LA, working with Todd and Barry building the first solar powered rumor mill,” and Todd James says on his blog, “Style Wars the cult classic documentary By Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant has been reimagined by Todd James and Steve Powers as Style Wars the musical!!   To be seen at “Street” at LA Moca’s “Art in the Streets” April 2011.”

No idea how real, if at all, this is, or what it might have to do with what they are actually planning if this isn’t happening. But just thought I’d mention it because it’s sort of funny.

Weekend link-o-rama


This week is spring break, so I’ve been enjoying some relaxation and watching too many films on Netflix, but in the mean time, there were of course some stories that slipped by me. Here are some of them:

Photo by Overunder

Edible Genius goes to the NY fairs

Since I couldn’t be in town last week for the New York art fair extravaganza, Edible Genius (recently interviewed on Brooklyn Street Art) took some photos for Vandalog. Here are just a few of the highlights from the fairs. For more in-depth coverage, I would suggest Arrested Motion and Hyperallergic.

Rebaroque Artist Series Sound Wall at Scope
Faro at Fountain
R. Robot at Fountain
Todd James at The Armory Show
How and Nosm at Contra Project's booth at SCOPE

Photos by Edible Genius

Hell’s Half Acre: Laz’ turn in the tunnels

Mark Jenkins

After a series of shows in LA over the summer, Lazarides Gallery‘s next pop-up show is taking place back home in London. Next month, they’ll be at The Old Vic Tunnels (aka, the Leake Street tunnels) for a group show: Hell’s Half Acre. The is only running from October 12-17th, but the list of artists is top notch: Polly Morgan, Vhils, Mark Jenkins, Bast, Todd James and more.

The entire show will be inspired by Dante’s Inferno and all the artists will making work based on their interpretations of hell.

For more info, go here (sorry, it’s a PDF).

Photo by Jack Two

More from Lydia Fong and Todd James

Todd James

Yesterday’s post about Brush Strokes, Lydia Fong (aka Barry McGee) and Todd James’ current show at V1 Gallery, was woefully incomplete. The originals at V1 aren’t all that these artists have gotten up to in Copenhagen. They also worked on a total of 6 lithographs at Edition Copenhagen. James has made three prints, McGee has made two and both artists have collaborated (along with McGee’s assistant Amaze) on one print. LaMJC has all the info on edition sizes as well as paper type and size (and it’s where we got these images). No official word on pricing, but it looks like those interested in purchasing one or more of these prints should contact Edition Copenhagen.

Todd James
Barry McGee
Todd James
Barry McGee
Todd James, Barry McGee and Amaze

Via Slamxhype

Kinda late with this one: Lydia Fong (Barry McGee) and Todd James at V1

Lydia Fong

A few weeks ago, Lydia Fong (aka Barry McGee) and Todd James opened their Brush Strokes show V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Finally, I’ve gotten around to checking out images of the show and I feel like an idiot for waiting this long. Phluids has a great set of images from Brush Strokes on his flickr which McGee/James fans should check out, but here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Todd James
Lydia Fong
Todd James
Lydia Fong
Lydia Fong
Lydia Fong

Photos by Phluids

José Parlá, Todd James and KAWS do covers for Complex

The next issue of Complex magazine has not one, not two but three big-name artists helping design covers for the magazine. Of course, the whole world seems to be going crazy for this Kaws cover featuring the now incarcerated Lindsay Lohan (and the accompanying photo shoot):

You know what though? We all know Kaws does good design. We all know that this would turn out looking kind of cool. Kaws does design. That’s his job. The covers I am really excited about are with Todd James and José Parlá:

Looks like both of these artists have pulled out all the stops for this job. Todd James’s look suits what little I know about B.o.B. perfectly, and damn that Parlá cover looks awesome. Honestly, I’m probably not going to read the magazine, but I am definitely going to be buying a copy just to have that beautiful image by Parlá.

Via Complex

Brush Strokes – Lydia Fong and Todd James at V1 Gallery

Next Friday in Copenhagen, V1 Gallery will be opening a two-person show with Lydia Fong (aka Twist/Barry Mcgee) and Todd James (aka Reas). Brush Strokes – An Artistic Exchange Between Todd James and Lydia Fong will be the first collaboration between Lydia Fong and Todd James since the Beautiful Losers show (although McGee and James are currently both in a group show right now at The Hole in NYC). These two artists are probably two of the best-respected and most-successful artists to come out of the graffiti movement since Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, so I can’t wait to see what they are going to do for this show. This is definitely going to be something special. Additionally, Brusk Strokes takes place at V1 Gallery, which has a history of amazing shows, which just makes me even more interested in the possibilities.

Brush Strokes opens July 9th (from 5-10pm, come hungry because there will be a grill outside) and runs through August 4th.