Steel Canvases: NYC Legends Gather in the Bronx

While most of us in New York were sitting in our homes fearing the snowstorm, the Bronx Documentary Center gathered some of the city’s legendary writers and documentarians for a panel. One of a series of events, Steel Canvases brought together Bio and Nicer of Tats Cru, Henry Chalfant, Eric Deal, and Crash to discuss trains. Of particular interest is the groups discussion on the proliferation of imagery and styles pre-internet. Thanks to Ricky Flores, those of us who couldn’t make it for fear of snow or not can see an edited video of the panel’s highlights.

Tats Cru, Cekis and Fred, THC in the South Bronx

The Hunts Point section of the Bronx has some of the most intriguing and varied walls around.  Particular faves that I came upon this past week are by Tats Cru, Cekis and Fred, THC aka Nesto.

Tats Cru, close-up
Cekis, close-up
Fred, THC

Photos by Lois Stavsky

Tats Cru with Revok on the Lower East Side

Members of the legendary Bronx-based Tats Cru have been painting legal murals on a huge wall off Avenue A and 2nd Street for the past few years. I haven’t loved all of them. The previous two were too cartoonish and gimmicky for me. But the latest one — that I passed today — is working. My favorite segments are those by How and Nosm and the tribute to Sace IRAK Irak painted by Revok who joined the Mural Kings for this wall.

How and Nosm of Tats Cru; photo by Lois Stavsky
Revok Pays Tribute to Sace IRAK, photo by Lois Stavsky