Miami mural mayhem

Remi/Roughe and Stormie Mills. Photo courtesy of Remi

Here’s a hodge-podge of photos of some of my favorite murals from Miami this year… Probably more to come in future posts as well. Most of these were part of Primary Flight.

Kid Acne, The London Police, Will Barras and Ema. Photo by S.Vegas
How and Nosm (click to see a a large size of this wall). Photo by tatscruinc
Invader. Photo by Hargo
Shepard Fairey and Overunder. Photo by Hargo
Jeff Soto and Maxx242. Photo by S.Vegas
Amaze by Barry McGee. Photo by S.Vegas
Cash For Your Warhol. Photo by Hargo
Dabs and Myla. Photo courtesy of Thinkspace

Photos by S.Vegas, Hargo, tatscruinc and courtesy of Thinkspace and Remi

This Week in Photos

While RJ lounges in the sun, I am freezing my tush off in London. Well, actually, not even in London to be honest; I’m in the midlands, which is why I missed all of the openings this week unfortunately. But I will be back tonight and will let RJ tell you guys all about Miami next week, which I am sure you are all looking forward to.

Anyways… here are some of my favorite works I saw this week. I couldn’t help but sneak in Miami ones; the work is beautiful.

Kenny Scharf's NYC mural via Gamma Blog
Ethos in Miami by Luna Park
Slicer and Resh via Oeildetat Flickr
Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills collaboration for Primary Flight in Miami

“Fresh Produce” from Graffiti Gone Global and Primary Flight

Graffiti Gone Global and Primary Flight have teamed up for Fresh Produce, a group show in Miami next month. I missed GGG’s exhibit last year, but I hear it was a highlight of Miami Basel week for those who saw it. Some of the artists I’m most looking forward to seeing at Fresh Produce include Skewville, Depoe, Escif, Stormie Mills and Revok, but with the long list of artists in this show, I doubt those 5 will be the only highlights. The SushiSamba sponsorship seems kind of random, but whatever. I’ll definitely be checking this show out.