Weekend link-o-rama

1010 and Other aka Troy Lovegates

Had about 4 days away from a computer and it’s taken me nearly as long to catch up on emails. This post should help to finish that task. Here’s what I missed while I was away:

Photo by Other

DMV and more at Galore Festival

Dran DMV

As we mentioned the other day, Roa and the French Da Mental Vaporz crew (Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan, Sowat), as well as others, were recently in Copenhagen painting for the Galore Festival. Here are some photos of the festival by S.Butterfly, mostly of DMV’s wall. You can find more pictures from her on flickr or her blog.

First though, this is a video by S.Butterfly of DMV working on their mural…

Da Mental Vaporz at Galore DK from Butterfly on Vimeo.

There’s actually an interesting story behind the mural. S.Butterfly explains, “The mural is a satyrical reference to unscrupulous people who are willing to deface street art walls for profit. The DMV also incorporated a tribute to Kase 2 (RIP), as well as Copenhagen landmarks, including the infamous  Christiania market, where you can find anything.” So the crew painted segments of the mural on removable panels, which they then moved to the end of wall and hung next to the “street art shop” (pictured above and below). In place of those panels, they painted windows to other places, as if the wall itself had actually been removed.

Jaw at work

Brusk at work

And the entire mural is huge and super wide, so the best way to view large it is by clicking here.


Photos by S.Butterfly

Weekend link-o-rama


So I’m about to get on a flight to Philadelphia, which means that there could be power outages as soon as tomorrow night and I’ll be offline for a few days. So if Vandalog doesn’t update, that’s why. This week has been all about good walls for me, and so that’s what almost this entire link-o-rama is about as well:

Photo by Monotremu

Weekend link-o-rama


You know what’s weird? Hanging out with all your friends from high school and then actually seeing current high school students from your school. Those kids are so young! While I was freaking out about no longer being a teenager and enjoying the beautiful London weather (I’m serious about this one), here’s what I almost missed this week:

Photo by Luna Park

Weekend link-o-rama

Sowat DMV and Gris

This might have been one of the least productive weeks of my life. Just one of those weeks. Here’s some of the stuff I didn’t post about while procrastinating 30 minutes of homework for 3 hours on Thursday:

Photo by Sowat DMV

More from Dran, Sowat and Bom.K in Spain

Click to view full size

In my weekend link post, I mentioned that Dran, Sowat and Bom.K from Da Mental Vaporz were getting up to a lot in Spain. I want to expand on that a bit. They painted the above mural at the Montana Colors factory and you can check out plenty of more detailed photos of that wall on Montana’s blog, but there’s also the gallery show that DMV were in town for. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Dran, Bom.K and Sowat were doing a 3-man show sponsored by Suben at Ras Gallery. If you’re interested in the work from that show, the price list is available online. Here are a couple of photos from an installation at the show:

Photos by Subenysuben.com

Weekend link-o-rama


So, I like to procrastinate. This week, I didn’t get to post everything I wanted to here because I was catching up on homework. I spent 12 hours on trains and buses last weekend, and didn’t get a single piece of homework done. Because of that, I haven’t been able to write about everything awesome in street art this week, but other people did:

  • Unurth had some fantastic posts this week: It looks like Swoon was in New Orleans, and Zilda has put up some beautiful wheatpastes in Brittany.
  • Also from Swoon, here’s some photos of work by her and C215 in Venice.
  • Similarly, Target posted some photos this week that you have to check out: Bruno Santinho’s placement is spot-on, and of course there’s Vhils’ wall for Nuart.
  • The Ma’Claim crew (Rusk, Tasso, Case and Akut) are in LA right now painting. Haven’t seen any pictures yet though. And if you’re in LA, they’ve be doing some live painting followed by a talk on Saturday. Sour Harvest has the details on all that.
  • Dran, Bom.K and Sowat have been up to some craziness in Spain.
  • Steph mentioned that Ron English has a massive show on in NYC right now called Status Factory, but I just want to remind everyone to check out the sculptures from that show. For me, some of the most interesting work Ron has done indoors. And to check out the entire show, of course Arrested Motion has the photos you want.
  • Jenny Holzer (one of the original street artists from way before I was born) has made some sneakers with Keds to support The Whitney. They’re out of a lot of sizes on the Keds website, but Bloomingdales.com seems to have a slightly better selection. Still, both sites are out of low-top black ones in my size, so if anybody has that in a 9, let me know.
  • Ross Morrison has been posting some stunning portraits of urban and street artists.
  • Sickboy and Shepard both have some new books (actually Shepard’s is an updated version of his recent Arktip magazine). Shepard’s looks nice and I like Sickboy, but I’m not sure I need a whole book from him just yet.
  • Quel Beast has his first solo show coming up on October 9th. Andrew Michael Ford is putting the show on at King’s Country Bar in Brooklyn. Should definitely be worth checking out. It’s always interesting to see how street artists bring their work indoors for the first time.
  • Nolionsinengland has photographed two awesome rollers: Mighty Mo & Gold Peg right next to Village Underground and Type with a sort of ESPO tribute roller I guess.

Photo by Elfo

Dibujar Mata Violente from Bom.K, Dran and Sowat


So after posting about Da Mental Vaporz’ kickass recent wall in London, I found out that part of the crew makes up the three-man show Dibujar Mata Violente at Ras Gallery in Barcelona. Bom.K, Dran and Sowat make up nearly half of DMV and (at least to my knowledge) are the more active members of the crew when it comes to painting indoors (but my knowledge of that is pretty limited to what has been shown in the UK, so feel free to correct me) Update: Thanks to people who know more about DMV than me, I’ve been informed that there are 9 artists in the crew and that they all have both outdoor an indoor practices, so I was right to worry that I might be misinforming people. Sorry for any confusion. This is definitely something to check out.


Photos courtesy of Suben

Da Mental Vaporz at London’s Meeting of Styles

Photo by unusualimage

Meeting of Styles London (organized once again by End of The Line and Probs) 2010 just took place. While there were plenty of amazing walls painted, the most impressive is definitely this one by Da Mental Vaporz (Bom.k, Jaw, Sowat, Brusk, Blo, Dran and Kan). Not much to say here besides “Damn that’s good!”

Photo by RomanyWG
Photo by RomanyWG
Photo by RomanyWG

To see more from Meeting of Styles, check out the official flickr group, unusualimage’s set, and RomanyWG’s set.

Photos by unusualimage and RomanyWG