Illegal Baltimore part three: The city’s streets


Part one of the Illegal Baltimore series can be found here, and part two can be found here.

Walking around in the abandoned areas of Baltimore gave me a peace of mind that the NYPD would never allow in New York. However, engaging life-long citizens of Baltimore about the graffiti surrounding them in the streets came with its own merits. The blending of New York and Baltimore-based artists that I saw in the the city’s innards was mirrored in its streets. With the, then recent, invasion of international artists forĀ Open Walls Baltimore, the city had become a hub for any east coast street artist to visit. As long as you had friends in the area or on the roster, chances are you ended up there. Continue reading “Illegal Baltimore part three: The city’s streets”

Illegal Baltimore part two: Rollers

Overunder, Avoid, Gaia, and Tence

Part one of the Illegal Baltimore series can be found here.

Due to the layout of Baltimore, the city makes the perfect playground for rollers. Built of bridges and tunnels, most of the graffiti spots contain elaborate pieces at eye level with equally as astounding rollers above them. The combination of these tunnels and the large amount of abandoned factories in the area makes for perfect spot to do elaborate, typographical rollers.

Nugz, Nanook, and Overunder

Even more astounding to me than the work itself was the number of familiar names I came across in, essentially, middle-of-nowhere Baltimore. People like Reverend, Nugz, Overunder, and Cash4, who had become my household names in New York had found themselves equally as prolific in this city. Through partnering up with local artists such as MTN NGC and Avoid, these New York artists seamlessly blended into the Baltimore scene, creating some interesting visual combinations in these spaces.

Avoid and Fisho
Reverend, Nugz, and Tence
Cash4 and Droid
Tence and Star
Nugz and Val
Nanook, Overunder, and Bloks
Cash4 and Droid
Hell Nation
Cash4, Avoid, and Droid

Photos by Rhiannon Platt

Reverend x Droid Killing Shit

“ran into reverend in highland park, detroit at a punk show in an abandonded warehouse that one very curagious man is squatting in with help of a homemade wood burning stove. reverend scrounged up a few buckets and poles and he and i crawled up onto a nearby rooftop, on a very busy street corner. it was barley 20 degrees, and the traffic flowed steady from a 24 hour coney island and gas station both kiddie cornering the spot we worked on. a couple cars honked, but the rest drove by without noticing us, as did the only two cops that passed by in the few hours we worked. we heard at least three sets of gun shots go off throughout the session. while reverend finished his drop shadows, i borrowed a portable sawzall and cut down most of the popcorn trees (aka ghetto palms) that grew along side the building. funny the shit you can get away with in the D at 2:30 in the morning.”

Words and photo by Droid