Phil Lumbang at Unit44

Phil Lumbang is the first American to have a show at Newcastle’s Unit 44 gallery. Lumbang is known for his cartoon characters like his trademark bear, his work with The Hundreds and for being an assistant to Shepard Fairey. Even people (and I sometimes include myself in this category) who usually get sick and tired of the artists who build their brands based on repetitive logos might enjoy Lumbang. Unlike Shepard Fairey or D*face for example, Lumbang’s characters may be repetitive but they are also fun and a bit heartwarming. Who could say “no” to a mural that just tries to make people smile? I’m excited to see how he is received in the UK. New Arrival opens on February 3rd at Unit 44.

PS, the guys at Very Nearly Almost have a little teaser of the show.

Dead Letter Playground at Leo Kesting Gallery

By Head Hoods

Manhattan’s Leo Kesting Gallery has a group show opening next week with some of my favorite emerging artists. Dead Letter Playground: A Collection of Contemporary Street Art opens June 24th (from 7pm-10pm) and has artwork from Carolyn A’Hearn, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, Dain, DickChicken, Doze Green, Elbowtoe, Elle, Ellis G, Faro, Gaia, Head Hoods, Imminent Disaster, Jen.Lu, Jordan Seiler, Know Hope, Laura Meyers, Lee Trice, Love Me, Matt Siren, Mister Never, Nicola Verlato, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Phil Lumbang, Shark Toof, Anthony Michael Sneed and Sweet Toof. Of course, the show also includes one of my least favorite artists, DickChicken, but nobody’s perfect (ps, because I know that somebody is going to give me shit for that comment, I’d like to clarify: I actually don’t mind DickChicken’s tag or find it offensive or anything. I just don’t think he makes anything remotely interesting indoors). The show runs through July 18th.

Here’s some of the work that will be at Dead Letter Playground:

By Jordan Seiler
By Faro

Emerging talent in Los Angeles

This is a guest post by sebastian from unurth

The street art I most enjoy posting on unurth is by those artists that haven’t broken into the mainstream yet, so when RJ asked me to do a guest post on Vandalog, I thought I’d post about some great emerging artists from here in LA.  No Brainwash or Fairey here, but some great, fresh stuff.

Bumblebee, who is probably best known for these hives in abandoned phone boxes

Phil Lumbang, who works for Shepard Fairey’s design firm during the day, does wonderful ‘polite bears’
(photo by Orrin Anderson)

K74 plays with a bunch of styles, but this is one of my favourites –
‘Moses bringin’ the noise’

Zoso (aka Zoso1) usually creates wonderful characters that are not of this world

ABCNT works with the Restitution Press crew, usually pasting his signature masked man

Shark Toof is pasting bigger and bigger sharks, often on complex, textured backgrounds

These are just a selection of the current scene in LA… sorry to those artists I didn’t include! You can keep up with these artists and others on unurth.

Thanks to RJ for letting me do a guest post on the great Vandalog;  he’s going to do a guest post on unurth soon.

photos by the artists, or unurth