More Wynwood Walls Progress and a Peek at O.H.W.O.W.

As you may have noticed, Seth and I have been spending most of our free time away from SCOPE (not that we’ve had a whole lot so far – see what we (Carmichael) and the other galleries were busy with yesterday) down the street at Deitch’s Wynwood Walls, where many of our friends are hard at work on their murals for Thursday’s opening (Nina, osgemeos and Finok haven’t stopped since they arrived). Here are some pictures of what Nunca, Aiko and Clare Rojas’ walls were looking like last time we checked.



Clare Rojas

We also paid a quick visit to Al from O.H.W.O.W. the other night. This is a cool space. Here are some set up shots.


First, a peek at It Ain’t Fair, large group show. The Parla is beautiful.


This girl gave me one of her lollypop rings.


Here are a few of the pieces in Dark Night of The Soul.

Carmichael Gallery - SCOPE

And here’s where I wrote this post from, in case you were wondering. It’s super busy in here (it’s the SCOPE preview day) so I better get back to work!

Photos from Neckface: Devil’s Disciple

I haven’t seen too many pictures from Neckface’s solo show Devil’s Disciple at OH-WOW Gallery in Miami. Neckface is so absurdly underrated here in the UK and I just don’t know why. Like David Choe, he does a great job of proving that just because an artist paints with water colors, it doesn’t mean they have to paint something that looks pretty. But with this show, Neckface seems to have taken steps forward and made serious sculptural works. Awesome. I hope you like these pictures as much as me.


Any art openings that happen on halloween and have a skate park have my stamp of approval




All photos by Norman Lendzion