Preview: Young New York auction


As Caroline mentioned earlier this month, the group Young New York is having a charity art auction this Tuesday at White Box Gallery in New York to raise money for their restorative justice art workshops with teenagers who have been put into the adult court system in New York.

Here are just a few of the dozens of artists with work in the auction: Steve Powers, NohjColey, Joe Iurato, Cake, Overunder, Gaia, Rudie Diaz, LNY, Blackmath, Mare139, Doodles, ND’A, Radical!, C215, Clown Soldier, Jill Cohen, Labrona and Luna Park. And here are a few of pieces that will be on offer:

Sean Lugo and Blacksmith
Radical and C215

Photos courtesy of Young New York

ND’A, OverUnder, Chris and Veng, RWK Busy off the Bowery

OverUnder at work

Earlier today — on this Memorial Day weekend — some of our favorite artists were busy over on East 4th Street off the Bowery. Tara Murray, a former student — who has become as addicted to street art as I am — caught up with them as they were finishing. Here are a few images from this latest MaNY Project with FABnyc under the direction of the indefatigable Keith Schweitzer:

OverUnder close-up
ND'A at work
Chris & Veng RWK

Photos by Tara Murray

Weekend link-o-rama

ND'A in Bushwick

This week I’ve got a rather major correction to make. A few days ago, I wrote about a piece by Jeice2 where it looked like he went over a bunch of tags with with a poster. Turns out, the poster was just taped on for the purpose of a photograph, and so the graffiti was not covered.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been looking at this week:

Photo by Mike Pearce

New in Bushwick, Brooklyn

From playful paste-ups to stylish graffiti murals, new pieces are surfacing daily in Brooklyn’s Bushwick. Here’s a sampling:

Radical and ND'A
Owns & Ewok
Shank aka Demote

 Photos by Tara Murray

OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A Move Indoors to Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery

For the past few months I’ve been marveling at ND’A’s and OverUnder’s pieces that have been surfacing regularly in Bushwick and Williamsburg. I’m less familiar with Labrona’s work, though I loved what I saw of his in Carmichael Gallery’s “Re-Creation 2” at the Ogilvy Chocolate Factory last year.  Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery is currently featuring the work of all three artists.  The exhibit, PAPERBOYS, continues through Sunday, December 11th and is definitely worth checking out if you are anywhere in the NYC vicinity. Here are a few of our favorite images:

OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
ND'A, photo by Damien Kelly
ND'A and OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky

Photos by Lois Stavsky, Damien Kelly and Tara Murray

Paperboys: OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A

OverUnder, Labrona and ND'A

This is a show that I’ll probably make the bus ride from Philadelphia to NYC just to see: OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A are showing together in Paperboys at Pandemic Gallery. These three guys make great images and do it with a smile and a drive for adventure (well, actually I can’t speak for ND’A, but I assume he smiles and searches for adventure too). It opens on November 19th and runs through December 11th and is practically guaranteed to be a fun show.

OverUnder and ND'A at work
One of OverUnder's artworks for Paperboys

Photos courtesy of OverUnder