Art changing lives: Pimp My Carroça

Wow. Mundano‘s Pimp My Carroça project is pretty fantastic. It took place earlier this year, and now there’s a video out with English subtitles to explain just what happened (well, there was already this video out, but the new video is better I think). Basically, the project uses art (among other things) to give some due respect and draw attention to the people in Brazil who make their living picking up recyclable material and taking it off the streets in man-powered carts. The video is a bit long, but I hope you’ll watch the whole thing.

Mundano’s quasi-monstrous creatures surface throughout São Paulo & more

Often exuding a playful social consciousness, Mundano’s delightful quasi-monsters surface randomly throughout the city. I discovered them in quite a few unlikely places. Here are a few:

“Sao Paulo is an ashtray.”

The following fun video that Mundano shared with me showcases a social action project that he initiated in which 130 artists —  80% of whom do graffiti, streetart or pixação on the streets of  São Paulo — created original houses to raise money to provide temporary housing for the needy:

Weekend link-o-rama


If you’ll notice that there were a good number of posts on Vandalog this week, you’ll notice the opposite thing next week. With family in town visiting and moving in with some friends and starting the couch-hopping segment of my summer in just a few days, things are rather busy. And so is the art world. Here’s what I have been reading this week:

Photo by!

Occupied by Mundano

Honestly, I’m rushing this post because I’ve got to leave my house in 5 minutes, but have a look at this video from Mundano. What really interests me about artists like Mundano and Zezao, as well as many more traditional mural painters, is that the setting of the painting becomes as important as the content. Mundano painted this piece in an important place, so now I’ve heard about something important that I probably never would have seen otherwise.

OCCUPIED from rodrigo pizza on Vimeo.