The Cordy House lenticular

Roa. Photo by Magnus D

The shutters at London’s Cordy House are probably best known for Roa‘s hare (see above, or my post last year), which he painted there last year. It’s probably become Roa’s best-known work. What most people outside of London don’t realize is that Roa wasn’t the first artist to make a “lenticular” at Cordy House, and now he isn’t the last either.

As early as January 2009, and I think before that as well, Dr. D had used the Cordy House shutters in a similar way:

Dr. D. Photo by cluttergeoff
Dr. D. Photo by cluttergeoff

And earlier this month, Ludo made something great for the same spot:

Ludo. Photo by Hooked
Ludo. Photo by Hooked

While Roa’s piece on this wall is probably my favorite (so far), it’s worth remembering that he hasn’t been the only one to do something cool on the Cordy House shutters.

Photos by Magnus D, cluttergeoff and Hooked

New Ludo In New York

Granted they are all in Williamsburg, it is super nice to have Ludo visiting New York refreshing some old locations. I especially like the first image which takes a new approach to an aging and primarily rectilinear faile spot. More photos over at the StreetSpot

New from Ludo

Just a quick post today because I finished an internship today and I’m going out with friends to celebrate.

Ludo has some new work up.

First, this piece on a boat (cue the song):


And what I think is one of my favorite Ludo pieces ever: