Klone in Berlin and Tel Aviv


Israeli street artist Klone sent over photos of some of his recent works in Tel Aviv and Berlin. Residents of Berlin should keep an eye out for Klone, as he has a show opening there soon.

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Photos by Klone

My Turn: Group Show at the Carmichael Gallery

Bumblebee, Sleeping Child Stencil

As Lois mentioned, “My Turn” (curated by L.A.-based Bumblebee) opened at the Carmichael Gallery recently, showcasing global artists deserving of wider audiences. Although the show’s title and theme failed to carry through to the works on display, it’s worth noting that Bumblebee showed admirable range in selecting fellow artists from the UK, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, and the Ukraine.

Interesni Kazki stood out as capably transitioning indoors without losing the magic that makes their large-scale work so spectacular. Building on their solo opening at Mid-City last year, the duo contributed separate pieces this time (each attributed to either WAONE or AEC), employing acrylics, rather than aerosol, in all but one piece.

Moneyless also showed strongly, with geographical works that utilized similar techniques to his yarn sculptures. (In fact, I’d be very interested to see what Moneyless could do if given free range in an entire gallery.) Though I love the idea behind Jaz’s animal transformations, they weren’t nearly as impressive on a smaller scale. However, what was impressive about the show was the diversity of work on offer–from Hyuro’s detailed pen work to Klone’s watercolors–bringing a solid perspective on where street art is going, and how it might continue to transition into gallery spaces.

“Play Me” runs through April 7 at the Carmichael Gallery, 5795 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.

Bumblebee, "Black"
Interesni Kazki's AEC, "Star"
Interesni Kazki's WAONE, "Portal"
Moneyless, "Untitled"
Jaz, "Lions"
Klone, "Sabbath Bride"

Photos by Ryan Gattis. More photos available here

“My Turn” at Carmichael Gallery: Jaz, Hyuro, Klone, Stinkfish and more

Although I have yet to make it to its Culver City space, I became an instant fan of Carmichael Gallery after seeing its astoundingly beautiful 2010 Recreation II exhibit in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather in New York City.  If I were anywhere near the West Coast, I would definitely make it to its upcoming exhibit, My Turn. Curated by Los Angeles-based artist Bumblebee, it opens this Saturday evening featuring work by some of the most provocative and passionate artists working on the streets across the globe today.  Personal favorites include Jaz, Hyuro, Klone and Stinkfish. Here are a few images:

Jaz, based in Buenos Aires
Hyuro, based in Valencia
Klone, based in Tel Aviv

Photos courtesy of Carmichael Gallery

Klone’s “Don’t Sleep!” — an intimate view of Klone’s surrealistic aesthetic

I’ve been a huge fan of Klone’s artwork since I came upon it on the walls of Tel Aviv over five years ago. Whether alone or in collaboration with the likes of Know Hope and Zero Cents, he has forged some of the city’s most arresting images. Although I was not able to make it to the release of Klone’s first artist book, “Don’t Sleep!,” I was able to review all 160 pages of it. With its many images of eerily surrealistic walls, drawings, sketches and more, it provides a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s distinct aesthetic and sensibility.

The book can be purchased online at: http://kloneyourself.bigcartel.com/

All images courtesy Klone

INSIDE JOB: STREET ART IN TEL AVIV to open Friday @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The gritty walls of  Tel Aviv are among my favorite anywhere. I’m so glad that some of Tel Aviv’s most talented artists will be featured in an exhibit opening this Friday, August 26, at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Participating artists include: AME72, Adi Sened, Broken Fingaz, Foma, Klone, Know Hope, Yochai Matos and Zero Cents. Among the images curator Tal Lanir shared with me of these artists’ works on the street are the following:

                                                         Know Hope
                                                                    Zero Cents, United We Stand
                                       Foma, Mother Earth
Photos courtesy Tal Lanir