Big news day link-o-rama

A recent and very timely Banksy

Normally I’d like to avoid doing a link-o-rama post in the middle of the week, but there have been a number of big stories to break in the last 24 hours or so, and since I’m in the middle of moving house, there’s no way I was going to be able to otherwise cover them in a timely manner. So here we go…

Photo by Mark J P

Kenny Scharf film and artist Q&A at MOCA this weekend

Kenny Scharf will be at MOCA this weekend as part of the Levi’s Film Workshop video series at Art in the Streets for a Q&A about Kenny Scharf: More, Newer, Better, Nower, Funner, a short film that Malia Scharf and Nathan Meier have made a short film about Kenny. The film will also be premiering at the event, before being available online. The Q&A/screening will be at 3pm on Sunday. RSVP for free online.

Photo courtesy of the Levi’s

The Hole heads to LA – Facemaker

Ben Jones

Get ready for some irony: Jeffrey Deitch closes Deitch Projects and leaves to be director at MOCA in LA, Kathy Grayson aka Deitch’s right hand woman at Deitch Projects opens The Hole in NYC to fill the hole left by Deitch’s departure and now The Hole has a show opening in LA this Wednesday night to coincide with MOCA’s Art in the Streets show.

The Hole are putting on a show, Facemaker, at Royal/T in Culver City. Basically, Facemaker is a portraits show. Despite one of the silliest press releases I’ve read this month (“The show will explore interpretations of the most universal element of human perception: the face.”), the show looks to be something worth seeing. The line-up is beyond impressive. Here it is:

Ben Jones, Barry McGee, Kenny Scharf, Joe Grillo, assume vivid astro focus, Tomoo Gokita, Eric Yahnker, Jane Moseley, Olaf Breuning, KAWS, Ted Mineo, David Shrigley, Shepard Fairey, Eddie Martinez, Taylor McKimens, Francine, Speigel, Avery Newman, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Robert Lazzarini, Aurel Schmidt, Kembra Pfahler, Rivas & Tullie, Aaron Johnson, Brian Belott, Matt Leines, Swoon, Allison Schulnik, Clare Rojas, Jules de Balincourt, Michael Williams, Takeshi Murata, Anders Oinonen, Justin Samson, Misaki Kawai, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Dennis Tyfus, Katherine Bernhardt, Todd James, Matt Greene, Stefan Bondell, Spencer Sweeney, Nate Lowman, Mat Brinkman, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, Billy Grant, Adam Tullie and FriendsWithYou

So regardless of a crazy press release, this is still something to get excited about. I’ll be there Wednesday at the opening (8pm-midnight) and the show runs through June 30th.

Image courtesy of The Hole

Some NY art fair suggestions

EVOL will be at the WILDE Gallery booth at Volta

With two midterms exams tomorrow, I’m rushing this post, but here’s a simple list for some of what to check out at the art fairs in New York this week.

I won’t be in NYC for the fairs myself, but I’ll hopefully have some photos to post. Otherwise, the places I will be getting my art fair news will be Hyperallergic and Arrested Motion.

Photo courtesy of Volta Art Fair

Kenny Scharf mural dissed and repaired (and probably about to be dissed again)

Photo by Martha Cooper

Apologies for the meta-ness of this post. It’s kind of a blog post about blog posts, and not everyone likes that.

A little over a month ago, Kenny Scharf painted a mural at the Houston and Bowery mural space in NYC. I’m usually pretty indifferent to Scharf’s work, but in this instance, painting that spot was a homecoming. Kenny, LAII, Keith Haring and a few others painted a mural in the same spot back in the early 1980’s. About a week ago, the mural was dissed, as shown in the above photo. I’d say that’s pretty much the reality of painting outdoors. It sucks, but it’s life. What I’ve found more interesting has been the reaction to all of this…

  1. Animal posts some photos of the dissed mural.
  2. Martha Cooper posted some photos and her reaction on her blog.
  3. Kenny himself posted his reaction to the diss.
  4. Over at Animal, Bucky is insulting and provoking people because that’s pretty much all he’s good for. He might’ve even had some good points to make, but it’s hard to get past him acting like a dick.
  5. The Hole‘s Kathy Grayson (The Hole is the gallery that is currently “curating” the murals on that wall) snapped this photo of the mural having been fixed up by someone. She also said “graffiti does mean no rules and pissing people off, but this was pee the wrong spot. makes them look bad. and lame.” So, yeah… Not quite sure what to make of that comment.

Photo by Martha Cooper

This Week in Photos

While RJ lounges in the sun, I am freezing my tush off in London. Well, actually, not even in London to be honest; I’m in the midlands, which is why I missed all of the openings this week unfortunately. But I will be back tonight and will let RJ tell you guys all about Miami next week, which I am sure you are all looking forward to.

Anyways… here are some of my favorite works I saw this week. I couldn’t help but sneak in Miami ones; the work is beautiful.

Kenny Scharf's NYC mural via Gamma Blog
Ethos in Miami by Luna Park
Slicer and Resh via Oeildetat Flickr
Remi/Rough and Stormie Mills collaboration for Primary Flight in Miami

Phillips de Pury’s 80’s auction

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1989

As a student at Sotheby’s, I know how much flack I get for looking at art in terms of how it’s worth. But I’m learning through the eyes of the art market, so it’s a different perspective than RJ has or Elisa does. So of course I am going to post about auctions.

An interesting one coming up is Phillips de Pury’s 8o’s auction including original pieces, print editions, photographs and designs.

The auction begins in New York on on December 17 at 2 pm.

There are a lot of big names, especially from the street art genre, such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Here are some of the highlights and their estimates that I found interesting from the catalog.

  • Basquiat’s: Untitled (Standing Figure), 1981 estimated at $150,000 – $250,000 is a figurative drawing on paper
  • Kenny Scharf: Untitled (Head), 1987 is estimated at $50,000 to $70,000 and is a sculptural cartoon-like head
  • Keith Haring: Untitled, 1989 is estimated at $10,000 – $15,000 and is a typical Haring drawing that is featured on the cover of the catalouge
  • Annie Leibovitz’s iconic portrait of Keith Haring painted in the vein of his work blending into the wall is estimated between $8,000- 12,000