Dissidents in Berlin


Dissidents looks like a really exciting group show opening soon at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin. It will feature work by BR1, Just, Vermibus, Alias, Emess, Giacomo Spazio, and Negative Vibes. Dissidents opens April 12th and runs through May 11th. More info on the Facebook event page.

I’m especially excited to see what Just and Vermibus make for this show. Just is one of the great contemporary graffiti photographers, and Vermibus has done some absolutely killer ad disruptions. Luckily, Open Walls Gallery have sent over this preview of a piece by Vermibus…


Photo courtesy of Open Walls Gallery

Finals are approaching link-o-rama

OX in Paris
OX in Paris

This weekend I’ve been without solid internet access, and Caroline and I have both been knee-deep in exams and final essays for the last week, so here’s a belated link-o-rama…

Photo by OX


Weekend link-o-rama

Neckface and Reader stickers in NYC. Photos by Sabeth718

If you looked at Vandalog this week, you’d think it was a slow week in street art. That’s not so, but I’ve been locked down working on Up Close and Personal (opening pics here). So here’s some of what I missed covering this week:

Photo by Sabeth718

Just Taking Pictures

Just - Taking Pictures

Graffiti and street artists would not have the same global community they are fortunate to have today if it weren’t for all the great photographers out there documenting their every move and sharing what they snap with the rest of the world. I think we sometimes take for granted how important a good photo is in commemorating a great mural, wheat paste or installation.

German photographer Just has given us ten years worth of amazing photos of some of the best in the scene. It’s nice to see his hard work recognized. If you’re in Berlin tonight, make sure to check out the opening of his exhibit of artist portraits and street art photos at ATM Gallery. And take lots of pictures!

Just Taking Pictures