LNY’s “Golden Hour”

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LNY recently painted this mural, Golden Hour, at 22 East 2nd Street in New York City for Fourth Arts Block. It’s the same spot previously painted by Know Hope, Phlegm, and Faith47. Great work. Reminds of me Erica il Cane.

Here’s what LNY has to say about the piece:

It’s based on a couple of things; a beached whale found dead in NYC after Sandy, the battle between nature and human technology and the economic factors that facilitate this situation. The whole image should read as this struggle for survival between the whale/oil transit ship and the two headed heron snake that represents nature turning to technology by literally changing its body from one end to the other… I also decided on a title “Golden Hour” after the medical term meaning the period of time after traumatic injury during which treatment is most likely to prevent death.


Photos by Luna Park

Sonni fashions huge boom box on Bowery construction container

Sonni’s distinct aesthetic, marked by bold colors and geometric shapes, has found a second home in the East Village. With his Music Machine on view at Artist Alley @ Extra Place, a huge boom box can now be seen a few blocks north at the Bowery and East 4th Street. Curated once again by Keith Schweitzer, the director of  FABnyc‘s public art program, Sonni’s recent work celebrates the 16th anniversary of New York City’s International Fringe Festival. Here are a few more images of the completed piece:

Photos by Tara Murray

Tom Sanford’s “Saints of the Lower East Side” Graces Manhattan’s East 4th Street

Thanks to the efforts of Keith Schweitzer — the director of FABnyc‘s public art program — and MaNY, East 4th Street and its surrounding blocks have been transformed into an open-air gallery, featuring artworks by the likes of Cake, OverUnder, Veng, Know Hope and Phlegm. The recent project Saints of the Lower East Side NYC features seven gilded paintings by Tom Sanford honoring seven cultural icons — Martin Wong, Joey Ramone, Miguel Piñero, Ellen Stewart, Charlie Parker, Arthur Fellig and Allen Ginsberg — who called the Lower East Side home. Here are some images:

Tom Sanford Paints Allen Ginsberg
Keith and Tom install painting depicting Ellen Stewart

Images courtesy Keith Schweitzer

Phlegm’s first walls in the USA

Phlegm, visiting from the UK, has just completed his first three murals in the USA. They are all located in Manhattan. One of the walls is a semi-collaboration with Know Hope, where Phlegm has added a mural that Know Hope painted earlier this year. That wall is part of an ongoing project with MaNY and FABnyc.

Phlegm with Know Hope

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