Two new walls from DALeast

Crashing Ego

DALeast sent over his two latest murals in Johannesburg and they are some of my favorites from him. Crashing Ego depicts a car crash in progress, and Counterattack Company shows a hunter becoming the hunted and turns the corner of a building so that the mural is split over two walls. The mural over two walls seems like an effective but simple way to switch things up.

Counterattack Company (detail)
Counterattack Company (detail)
Counterattack Company (detail)
Counterattack Company
Counterattack Company (detail)
Crashing Ego

Photos by DALeast

Weekend link-o-rama


Caroline and I are out in Colorado this week with my family, so art is coming second, but luckily it looks like it’s been a slow week. Here’s what I almost missed…

Photo by Nolionsinengland

Weekend link-o-rama

M-City in Jarocin, Poland

Let’s see what has been happening off of Vandalog this week.

Photo courtesy of M-City

WALL\THERAPY 2012 – Rochester’s mural festival

Thievin’ Stephen

WALL\THERAPY is a mural event in Rochester, NY being put together by, Dr. Ian Wilson and The Synthesis Collaborative, the same people who organized last year’s Visual Intervention. This year, artists from Rochester and around the world will be painting as part of WALL\THERAPY: Faith47, DALeast, Ben Eine, Liqen, Case, ROA, Cern, St. Monci, Mr. Prvrt, Thievin’ Stephen, How & Nosm and Siloette.

The murals will be painted July 20th-27th, so that might be a fun time to visit Rochester.

For more information about WALL\THERAPY and events surrounding the festival, check their facebook event page.

Photo by Rich Paprocki

DAL does it again

Showing once again how he is one of the most visually arresting muralists around, Dal recently painted this mural of a whale in Melun, France. It is called C. And yes, I’m aware that I posted this tweet last night. Dal’s mural is big, but that’s not what makes it good.

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The week isn’t over yet, but this week’s news is going to be old if I don’t mention it soon. Here’s some of what I missed this week:

Photo by SMKjr

Weekend link-o-rama

MOMO for Open Walls Baltimore

I think we actually did a pretty good job this week on Vandalog covering what needs to be covered, but here are the few things we missed:

Photo by MOMO

Dal’s first solo show

Dal East has his first solo show coming up this week in Milan with Urban Painting Gallery. While some pay say that Dal is just another guy painting animals and maybe that’s the case, he does also have quite a cool style and some real technical skills. I am looking forward to seeing what he brings out for this show, Fever of the Worn Land. If you can get an invite from Urban Painting Gallery (urbanpainting-at-ymail-dot-com), you can check out the show on May 3rd. Otherwise just wait until the 5th when it will be at a new location and run through the 23rd.

Photos courtesy of Urban Painting Gallery