Pasting Miami


While Vandalog and a lot of other art blogs have been focusing and will continue to focus on the murals that recently went up during Art Basel Miami, it’s worth noting that the streets also got plastered in posters. Unless otherwise noted, these images are by Mike Pearce, who has the best set of images of this year’s Miami street art extravaganza that I’ve seen so far. Here are some posters by Olive47, Vort, Don’t Fret, Clown Soldier, Clandestine Culture and others.

Don't Fret
Clown Soldier
Clandestine Culture
Clown Soldier
Don't Fret
Vort. Photo by Vort
Unknown (CDVB?)

Photos by Mike Pearce and Vort

Living Walls 2011 – The city speaks

Doodles, Swampy and Greg Mike at Living Walls 2010

Later this month, Atlanta is going to be taken over by street artists from around the world for this year’s edition of the Living Walls conference, Living Walls: the City Speaks. From the 12th-14th of August, there will be film screenings, lectures and artists painting murals around the city. Living Walls have brought together an impressive artist roster from around the world including (but not limited to) Doodles, Swampy, Gaia, Roa, Labrona, OverUnder, Sam3, Freddy Sam, White Cocoa, Nanook, Greg Mike, Paper Twins, Clownsoldier and Gawd. And I can’t complain about the keynote speakers either: Tristan Manco, Gaia, Ricky Lee Gordon and me.

So if you’re in Atlanta, come out check out the opening party at The Sound Table on Friday the 12th, lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia on the 13th during the day, a party at The Goat Farm the night of the 13th and a tour of all the new murals on the 14th. I’ll post more details about exact times later. And of course, I’ll be posting plenty of photos from the conference as well.

In September, another Living Walls event will take place in Albany, NY. More on that later.

Photo by Greg Foster Photography

Clownsoldier at Pawn Works

Following on the coattails of Rj just three posts down, to bring us all up to speed, Clownsoldier is this months artist showing at Pawn Works in Chicago. I have some vested interest in that space, but what they are doing for the chicago street scene is pretty spectacular as every artist that has come so far has left a little piece of themselves in the city. Now let’s see some more pieces on the street son, you ve got six days!

Photos by Mo.FoTo

Clownsoldier heads to Pawn Works in Chicago

Clownsoldier is the next artist who will be showing at the Pawn Works gallery in Chicago. His solo show, The Human Cannon Ball will open in just under two weeks on Friday, June 24th. The press release describes Clownsoldier as “an explosion of absurdity wheatpasted onto a wall near you,” and I think that’s pretty accurate, but his gallery work isn’t half bad either! For this show, Clownsoldier has made collages on book covers and original paintings. In case you missed it, check out this studio visit I did with him last month. Clownsoldier’s best collages have a sense of wonder and playfulness. The combination of his fine arts background and seeming relative naivetĂ© about street art culture combine to offer something a bit different from what street art fans have come to expect and yet make him the perfect fit for Pawn Works (whose previous shows have been with Specter and Gaia).

Check out The Human Cannon Ball at Pawn Works in Chicago, opening on June 24th from 7-11pm.

Photo courtesy of Pawn Works

A visit with Clownsoldier

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to stop by Clownsoldier‘s studio in New York. After his participation in Up Close and Personal, I realized that Clownsoldier is much more than another artist putting up a logo. Once I saw how much more he did besides the Clownsoldier logo wheatpaste, I had to stop by the studio to check out what he’s been up to. I was not disappointed. His collages, prints and paintings have a unique funkiness to them and I hope to see a lot more…

That painting is 100% handpainted CMYK half-tones

A Clownsoldier ready for pasting

And here’s a little comic Clownsoldier made about how he got started doing street art…

Photos by RJ Rushmore except for “The Adventures of Clownsoldier and Gaia,” courtesy of Clownsoldier