Faith47 mixes paints, lights, and rights in Manchester


Gotta love 722 – 481 BC, Faith47‘s new piece in Manchester. The mural is part of the Cities of Hope project, which is inviting street artists to address a variety of social justice issues on Manchester’s walls, and to connect with local organizations while they are in town painting. Faith47’s mural celebrates LGBT rights. I’m optimistic that the Cities of Hope project can bring some political edge into the street art festival circuit, but it’s probably too early to say much about how that will go. The other reason this mural caught my eye is the lighting.


Faith47 worked with Thingking to design custom lighting for the mural. I’ve got mixed feelings about lighting murals, but I think Faith47 has done a great job with this one. The lights don’t just make the mural visible at night, they add to the composition.

And of course, here’s the full mural during the day:

Click to view large
Click to view large

Photos by Zane Meyer and courtesy of Faith47