Mundano’s quasi-monstrous creatures surface throughout São Paulo & more

Often exuding a playful social consciousness, Mundano’s delightful quasi-monsters surface randomly throughout the city. I discovered them in quite a few unlikely places. Here are a few:

“Sao Paulo is an ashtray.”

The following fun video that Mundano shared with me showcases a social action project that he initiated in which 130 artists —  80% of whom do graffiti, streetart or pixação on the streets of  São Paulo — created original houses to raise money to provide temporary housing for the needy:

A Cast of Characters from the Streets of São Paulo

Ranging from the playful to the mournful, the cast of characters gracing the walls of  São Paulo always intrigues. Here’s a sampling:

Onesto, photo by Lois Stavsky
Ricardo AKN, photo by Lois Stavsky
Ethos, photo by Sara Mozeson
Sinhá, photo by Lois Stavsky
Nove, photo by Lois Stavsky
Magrella, photo by Lois Stavsky

Stuck Up in Philly: Pheetus and Underwater Pirate

Few cities can boast as many dedicated and talented sticker heads as Philly.  Their characters — often meticulously hand-crafted — seem to peer at you from every public space.  I’m loving this one by Pheetus, and I never tire of seeing Underwater Pirate’s iconic character:

Pheetus on Postal
Underwater Pirate aka UWP

   Photos by Lois Stavsky