Weekend link-o-rama


So, I like to procrastinate. This week, I didn’t get to post everything I wanted to here because I was catching up on homework. I spent 12 hours on trains and buses last weekend, and didn’t get a single piece of homework done. Because of that, I haven’t been able to write about everything awesome in street art this week, but other people did:

  • Unurth had some fantastic posts this week: It looks like Swoon was in New Orleans, and Zilda has put up some beautiful wheatpastes in Brittany.
  • Also from Swoon, here’s some photos of work by her and C215 in Venice.
  • Similarly, Target posted some photos this week that you have to check out: Bruno Santinho’s placement is spot-on, and of course there’s Vhils’ wall for Nuart.
  • The Ma’Claim crew (Rusk, Tasso, Case and Akut) are in LA right now painting. Haven’t seen any pictures yet though. And if you’re in LA, they’ve be doing some live painting followed by a talk on Saturday. Sour Harvest has the details on all that.
  • Dran, Bom.K and Sowat have been up to some craziness in Spain.
  • Steph mentioned that Ron English has a massive show on in NYC right now called Status Factory, but I just want to remind everyone to check out the sculptures from that show. For me, some of the most interesting work Ron has done indoors. And to check out the entire show, of course Arrested Motion has the photos you want.
  • Jenny Holzer (one of the original street artists from way before I was born) has made some sneakers with Keds to support The Whitney. They’re out of a lot of sizes on the Keds website, but Bloomingdales.com seems to have a slightly better selection. Still, both sites are out of low-top black ones in my size, so if anybody has that in a 9, let me know.
  • Ross Morrison has been posting some stunning portraits of urban and street artists.
  • Sickboy and Shepard both have some new books (actually Shepard’s is an updated version of his recent Arktip magazine). Shepard’s looks nice and I like Sickboy, but I’m not sure I need a whole book from him just yet.
  • Quel Beast has his first solo show coming up on October 9th. Andrew Michael Ford is putting the show on at King’s Country Bar in Brooklyn. Should definitely be worth checking out. It’s always interesting to see how street artists bring their work indoors for the first time.
  • Nolionsinengland has photographed two awesome rollers: Mighty Mo & Gold Peg right next to Village Underground and Type with a sort of ESPO tribute roller I guess.

Photo by Elfo

Very Nearly Almost issue 11 launch party

Very Nearly Almost‘s 11th issue hits shelves this month, and so next week they’ve got a launch party for the magazine. Should be good fun. This issue’s cover artist is the UK’s INSA, and other artists from around the world are featured inside. In fact, make sure to pick up this issue of magazine because it’s where you can read an interview that I did with Case earlier this year. Plus they’ve got the legendary Mike Giant, the super-cool photographer Ruedione and one of my personal favorite artists, Gaia. Hope to see you at the launch.

And speaking of Ruedione, Acclaim Magazine has just posted an interview that Ruedieone did with Revok just moments before Revok’s infamous arrest in Australia.

Maclaim in London

Case, Akut and Typism just painted this mural in Shoreditch. The text was painted by Typism and reads “Lakes are islands for fishes.” The characters bodies were painted by Akut, and Case did the photo-realistic faces.

Photo by S.Butterfly

Case’s Never Odd or Even

Case’s first London solo show, Never Odd or Even, opened at Signal Gallery on Thursday (ps, the show is in association with Campbarbossa). Case is one of the pioneers of modern photo-realistic graffiti. I was looking forward to this show, but the end result exceeded my expectations.

A few of the paintings weren’t quite “photo-realistic,” but I think that added to the show and helped to prove that Case’s art is a creative endeavor and not only a technical exercise (unlike some photo-realistic paintings or trompe-l’œil).

This piece was painted on pieces of cardboard, which creates a sort of weird effect when mixed with Case’s photo-realism.

This painting has to be my favorite:

Photos by Ian Cox, more from the show on his flickr.

Case solo show: Never odd or even

As previewed, Case has a solo show opening next month here in London. Here’s the press release:

Signal Gallery in association with Campbarbossa, are pleased to announce the forthcoming solo show by the renowned German artist Andreas Von Chrzanowski AKA Case. Following on from successful solo shows in Los Angeles and his homeland, his first London show will be an exciting event. As well as producing works for the gallery, Case will be painting a number of large street pieces across East London.

19th February – 6th March 2010
Opening Reception: 18th February 18:00 – 20:30
Signal Gallery
96a Curtain Road

Case has been producing spectacular street pieces for a decade, primarily as a founder member of the celebrated German street art group, the Maclaim Crew. Specialising in a heightened form of photorealism, several of the artists in the Clan have moved onto working individually and producing fine art works for the Gallery. Case has taken this route too, to great acclaim. Developing the pioneering photorealist spray paint style of the group further in his own works, Case has produced a series of stunning detailed paintings that have made his work much sought after by galleries and collectors alike. In his solo show at Signal Gallery, ‘Never Odd Or Even’, Case is taking his inspiration from the fantastical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass…

Check out more photos on the Montana website.

Andreas von Chrzanowski / case is “Never odd or eveN”

Andreas von Chrzanowski / case is not only part of Ma’Claim, one of the world’s greatest crews – his fine art is some of the best being created today. Andreas has a show coming up at Signal Gallery (in conjunction with Campbarbossa) on February 18th called Never odd or eveN. Here’s a quick preview of what has gone on behind-the-scenes to create each immaculately spray painted artwork.

I must have a thousand amazing photos so will post more soon! If you’re in London next month, make sure to head on over to Signal to see it all in person.

– Elisa

Ma’Claim in Berlin

The always impressive German crew Ma’Claim recently took a trip to Berlin Mitte to paint a huge wall (25 m high!) This was a particularly special occasion for the foursome (case, Akut, Tasso and Rusk) as it’s been a while since they’ve done a project this big together. Here’s the finished piece above and some progress pics that case shared with me:

Images: Ma’Claim/Ron Gerlach

– Elisa

Parisian Art Calendar (November – January)

If you will be in Paris between November 26th and January 23rd, here are a few shows for you to go see.


– “Art Mosh” (from November 26th), a big eclectic group show that includes case, Faith47 (image above via Campbarbossa), Pam Glew, Herakut and Alexandros Vasmoulakis (plus non-street-related artists such as Yoskay Yamamoto and Tessar Lo, both of whom are worth checking out if you don’t know their work already).

Doors Studios | 9-9 Bis Rue De Lesdiguieres | 75004 Paris

Koralie at Galerie LJ

– “EmanEssence” (December 3rd – January 14th), a solo by Koralie.

Galerie LJ | 12 rue Commines | 75003 Paris

Btoy - Ilia Mayer

– “Btoy” (December 10th – January 23rd), an eponymously titled solo by Btoy (Ilia Mayer, above, and Andrea Michaelsson, below).

This show is organized with the assistance of Samantha Longhi from Stencil History X so check her blog for updates.

Galerie Itinerrance | 7bis, rue René Goscinny | 75013 Paris

Btoy - Andrea Michaelsson