Preview: Young New York auction


As Caroline mentioned earlier this month, the group Young New York is having a charity art auction this Tuesday at White Box Gallery in New York to raise money for their restorative justice art workshops with teenagers who have been put into the adult court system in New York.

Here are just a few of the dozens of artists with work in the auction: Steve Powers, NohjColey, Joe Iurato, Cake, Overunder, Gaia, Rudie Diaz, LNY, Blackmath, Mare139, Doodles, ND’A, Radical!, C215, Clown Soldier, Jill Cohen, Labrona and Luna Park. And here are a few of pieces that will be on offer:

Sean Lugo and Blacksmith
Radical and C215

Photos courtesy of Young New York

Michael de Feo curating a show in Connecticut

Dan Witz

On Every Street is a show opening this Thursday at Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich, CT. Curated by Michael de Feo, it features the work of dozens of street artists. On Every Street includes a diverse of street artists both in style and (from Hargo to Tony Curanaj) and when they were active outdoors (from Richard Hambleton to Gaia).

Here’s the full line up: Above, Aiko, Michael Anderson, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, C215, Tony Curanaj, Michael De Feo, D*Face, Ellis Gallagher, Keith Haring, Ron English, Blek le rat, Faile, Shepard Fairey, John Fekner, JMR, Gaia, Richard Hambleton, Hargo, Maya Hayuk, Don Leicht, Tom Otterness, Lady Pink, Lister, Ripo, Mike Sajnoski, Jeff Soto, Chris Stain, Swoon, Thundercut, Dan Witz.

Images courtesy of Michael de Feo

C215 and AliCè hit London

C215. Photo by Romany WG

C215 and AliCè have been in  London for the C215/Romany WG show on now at Signal Gallery. While in town, they stayed busy getting up around Shoreditch and possibly other spots. Here’s a bit of what they were up to…

AliCè. Photo by Claudelondon
C215. Photo by Claudelondon
C215. Photo by Claudelondon
AliCè. Photo by Claudelondon
AliCè and C215. Photo by Claudelondon

So as I was finishing this post, I realized that Street Art London did pretty much the same post a couple of days ago. So check that out for even more pieces from C215 and AliCè.

Photos by Romany WG and Claudelondon

C215 and RomanyWG together at Signal Gallery

This Thursday, C215 and the photography RomanyWG have a two-man show opening in London at Signal Gallery called Border Line. My review of C215’s last show at Signal sparked a bit of discussion. From the photos that he’s posted on his flickr of work in this show, I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more. And I’ve been a fan of RomanyWG’s photos for a long time. This show will double as a book launch for his book about art in abandoned spaces, Out of Sight.

Both RomanyWG and C215 will be there on Thursday signing books (C215 will be signing his latest book, Community Service).

Photo by RomanyWG

My favorite piece from C215 in a long time

I’m not sure what exactly it is about this piece by C215: The image, the photograph, the placement, the technical abilities or a combination of all of those things, but for some reason this is my favorite new image from C215 in a while (and if this isn’t a new image, somebody please let me know. I don’t think I’ve seen it before though).

Photo by C215

Some upcoming shows

Here are a couple of shows opening this month that should be worth checking out…

1. C215‘s book launch in Paris: Community Service at Gallerie Itinerrance is a solo show for C215 and will also serve as the book launch for his upcoming Community Service book. The show opens on November 12th at 6pm.

2. Gallery Heist‘s 1-year anniversary exhibition: Till Death Do Us Part is a group show c0-curated by Allison and Garrison from Ad Hoc Art to celebrate Gallery Heist’s 1st birthday. The list of artists here is long but includes Gaia, Ludo, Mike Giant, Justin Lovato and Miso. The show opens on November 13th from 7-11pm, and runs through the 27th. And this show is not at Gallery Heist’s usual space. It’s at 1036 Hyde Street in San Fransisco.

3. Ghostpatrol and DeadLeg in Manchester: Mooch N4 in Manchester has a group show towards the end of November. I don’t know much about Mooch N4, but anybody who is showing Ghostpatrol outside of Australia is okay in my book. And DeadLeg has done some nice collaborations with Best Ever, so that should be interesting too. That shows opens on November 25th and runs through January 31st.