Work To Do in Brooklyn

In what looks to be the mother of all group shows, perhaps the MuTATE Britain of Brookyln (yes, I’m a bit prone to hyperbole, but so are most blogs), Work To Do is a show opening March 26th at 112 Green Street Studio in New York. Work To Do has work from a few dozen artists including Royce Bannon (the show’s curator), Robots Will Kill, Stikman, Hush, Aiko, Matt Siren, Bast, Ellis G., Cake and many more.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Work To Do is that the show is not a traditional gallery exhibition with lots of work for sale but instead every artist involved will be painting the walls of the space, and only some will end up selling any work.

Work To Do Flyer

For slightly more information, check out The Combine’s website