OverUnder, Labrona and ND’A Move Indoors to Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery

For the past few months I’ve been marveling at ND’A’s and OverUnder’s pieces that have been surfacing regularly in Bushwick and Williamsburg. I’m less familiar with Labrona’s work, though I loved what I saw of his in Carmichael Gallery’s “Re-Creation 2” at the Ogilvy Chocolate Factory last year.  Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery is currently featuring the work of all three artists.  The exhibit, PAPERBOYS, continues through Sunday, December 11th and is definitely worth checking out if you are anywhere in the NYC vicinity. Here are a few of our favorite images:

OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
Labrona, photo by Tara Murray
ND'A, photo by Damien Kelly
ND'A and OverUnder, photo by Lois Stavsky

Photos by Lois Stavsky, Damien Kelly and Tara Murray

Tristan Eaton and How & Nosm in Williamsburg

Whenever I visit Williamsburg, I tend to stick to the few blocks in the vicinity of the Bedford Avenue subway station. Yesterday, we ventured further south, where we discovered not only first-rate paste-ups and graffiti — but some amazing murals, as well. My favorite is the wall shared by Tristan Eaton and How & Nosm.  Here are a few images:

Tristan Eaton close-up
Tristan Eaton
How & Nosm close-up
How & Nosm

Photos by Lois Stavsky

A preview of 3rdEye(SOL)ation’s first street art exhibit

3rdEye(SOL)ation, Bushwick’s newest urban art space, is the perfect setting to exhibit street art. The somewhat gritty neighborhood, the inviting site itself, along with the vibes of the folks who hang out there, make it the ideal fit.  When I stopped by earlier, most of the artwork for tonight’s  opening was already installed. Here’s a preview:

Billi Kid


Mike Die


Quel Beast and qrst (top right)

Jason Mamarella, curator



Photos by Lois Stavsky

The exhibit opens tonight from 7-10pm @ 1501 Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

PAINT IT NOW arrives at the Fowler Arts Collective in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Thomas Buildmore and Scott Chasse have once again brought together some of my favorite urban artists from NYC, Boston and Philly.  This time their canvas is the Fowler Arts Collective at 67 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Collaborating with Scott and Thomas in creating a huge playful, somewhat irreverent, black and white mural are: Morgan Thomas Anderson, Royce Bannon, Cense,  Darkclouds, Robert daVies, El Celso, Martin Esteves, Veronica Hanssens, Jessica Hess, Keely, Kenji Nakayama, Nineta, Nose Go, Cense, Damion Silver, Matt Siren, John Skibo, Ben Woodward and Wrona. In addition to the mural, a number of individual works are also on exhibit. The exhibit continues through July 6 with a special Northside Open Studios Artists’ Reception on June 17, 8-11pm.

Mural close-up
Mural close-up
Darkclouds, enamel on metal

Photos by Lois Stavsky