Endless Canvas selects… Ras Terms

Grow, Ras Terms, Broke and others

Today’s pick from Endless Canvas is Ras Terms. Endless Canvas is one of my favorite art blogs and so last month I asked if they would select a few of the Bay Area artists that they regularly post about to highlight on Vandalog. They sent over a bunch of photos of work by half a dozen artists, and with this post we are half-way through Endless Canvas’ selections. I hope this series bring some attention to the great work that Endless Canvas is doing documenting graffiti and street art in the Bay Area as well as to the amazing artwork itself. Here’s more from today’s artist, Ras Terms:

Ras Terms and Old Crow
Broke, Ras Terms and Elite


Photos by Endless Canvas

Recently in Oakland, CA…

Ernest Doty, David Polka and Thomas Christopher Haag

One of the most under-appreciated but active street art and graffiti scenes in the USA must be in Oakland, California. Luckily, the site Endless Canvas does great job of posting some of the highlights of what’s going on. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that were just photographed in the last two months…

"May Day" by unknown artist

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