Some NY art fair suggestions

EVOL will be at the WILDE Gallery booth at Volta

With two midterms exams tomorrow, I’m rushing this post, but here’s a simple list for some of what to check out at the art fairs in New York this week.

I won’t be in NYC for the fairs myself, but I’ll hopefully have some photos to post. Otherwise, the places I will be getting my art fair news will be Hyperallergic and Arrested Motion.

Photo courtesy of Volta Art Fair

Weekend link-o-rama

Photo by Luna Park

I’m racing through my computer science homework right now and also throwing this post together before it gets to be too late. I have to be up early tomorrow to get to Washington D.C. for The Daily Show’s Rally To Restore Sanity. I probably shouldn’t been spending my entire day on my way to and from that rally, but it’s going to be an insane day. So between planning getting 50 students to the rally and teaching a course on street art at my university (not an official course, there’s no homework or exams and I don’t get paid), things had to slip through my fingers this week:

Photo by Luna Park

News from Swoon

Some fantastic news from the world of Swoon this week.

Today is the release date of Swoon’s first monograph. The book is almost 200 pages long and features photos of Swoon’s work as well as essays by people like Jeffrey Deitch. The book will be published by Abrams and is available on their website for $35.

And the second bit of news from Swoon is her latest undertaking: The Konbit Shelter Project. Swoon has been studying architecture, and in an effort to aid the relief efforts in Haiti, she plans to work with a team of people (including artistic collaborator Ben Wolf) to build superadobe structures in Haiti this summer. These structures are amazing because they are relatively easy and cheap to build but also very strong. To raise awareness for Konbit Shelter, Swoon and her team will be building a prototype of the structures in New York City this weekend. The structure will be unveiled on May 2nd at East River Park in Brooklyn. For more information on the project read this post on Hyperallergic and check out The Konbit Shelter Project’s website.

Fame Fest 2010: Swoon

It’s no secret that RJ and I are big fans of FAME (it’s also where we met, incidentally) and had an awesome time in Grottaglie last September. A few weeks ago, our friend Angelo announced this year’s tentative line up and when I spoke to him the other day, he mentioned that Swoon and Ben Wolf had just been to visit. Unfortunately, there are no photos of Ben Wolf’s work as it was destroyed before it could be documented, but there are some great images of Swoon’s gorgeous pieces, both in the monastery and around town. I really hope they survive over the next five months!

Let me know if you’ll be coming this year – Seth and I will be there for sure.

– Elisa

(Thanks for the images, Angelo.)

Maya Hayuk’s “Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields”

Somehow this one has slipped under my rader. Maya Hayuk had a show open earlier this month at MU in Eindhoven. I think MU is a sort of museum space, but I’m not sure. I’d never paid much attention to Hayuk’s artwork until I saw it in the flesh last December. Now I can’t get enough of it. Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields is primarily Hayuk’s show, but there are also some collaborations with Ben Wolf, another artist to keep your eyes out for. MU has made this video about the show:

Maya Hayuk – Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields from stichting MU on Vimeo.