Berlin-based 44flavours showcases its talents

I met Julio Rölle of the Berlin-based 44flavours artist collective a number of years ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I immediately fell in love with its zine, 44flavours, for its intelligent mix of graffiti/street art culture, graphic design, interviews, prose and poetry. I later met up with Julio in Berlin and once again was intrigued by what he and his partner, Sebastian Bagge, were doing. Working these days as graphic designers, 44flavours still paints outdoors and exhibits in various venues. Opening this evening, Wednesday, May 18, 6pm at the Café Görlitzer Bahnhof,  Manteuffelstrasse 87, 10997 Berlin is a new exhibit featuring new and old work, including recent collages. 

Images courtesy, Julio Rölle