New Kaws Companion up for Sale

Three color variations of the latest Kaws companion are up for sale on the artist’s site. Designed in conjunction with Robert Lazzarini, the 8″ toys retail for $180 and will surely sell out. The melting design is really innovative, and in my opinion, are some of the best sculptural work I have seen yet. Certainly a bit more interesting than a play on a Disney or Looney Tunes characters.

A very street art Christmas: some holiday gift ideas

After procrastinating and procrastinating about writing this post, I missed Hanukkah and Eid, so I guess this is a gift guide for Christmas. Sorry for the delay.

Here are a few street art related products that have come out in the last year or so that I think are pretty cool. If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday gift for the street art obsessive in your life, hopefully this will help…

  • DB Burkeman’s book Stickers: Stuck Up Piece of Crap is one of the best art books I have ever read. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you have even a passing interest in stickers. If you buy one thing off this list, it should probably be this book. The photo at the top of this post is for the deluxe edition which comes with signed stickers, but that version doesn’t come cheap.

  • Now, the flip side of that anti-fashion comment, I want to remind everyone that Vandalog still has shirts available from Gaia, Troy Lovegates and Faro. These very limited edition shirts are $30 each and you can buy them online.
  • Martha Cooper’s latest book is Name Tagging, a book about the Hello My Name Is stickers and graffiti. Personally, I prefer Going Postal, her book about postal stickers, but Name Tagging is a good quick read too. It has brief interviews with Twist, Sure, Cost and others plus plenty of photos.
  • These Buff Monster plush toys are on sale for $12.00 right now. Very cute.
  • If you want a unique iPhone case, either Incase or Uncommon seem like good options. Incase has that Jose Parla iPhone case and Uncommon let’s you customize your own case with designs from a number of artists including David Ellis, Dennis McNett and MQ.
  • I’ve only just started to read Trespass, but I’ve heard from others that it is a great book.

Or, if you’re a street artist, you could go out on Christmas, brave the cold, and do some art. Give a gift to the rest of us. Not enough street art happens in the winter months.

Jeff Soto & REAL Skateboards Limited Edition Skate Decks

I’m a HUGE fan of Jeff Soto and having already had the opportunity to interview him a long time ago, I can safely say I’m a fan for life. There was also that one time when I stood next to him at the opening of his debut UK solo exhibition and didn’t have the balls to say hello, but let’s not talk about that! Instead lets talk about Maxx242 vs. Jeff Soto; a new collaborative project between the two artists and longtime friends which will focus on releasing limited edition items such as toys, skate decks, apparel and prints. The project also includes two limited edition decks made for REAL Skateboards (seen above), both made in limited quantities. The boards (which will have a special coinciding Bearbrick Toy for special release at Unit in Tokyo, Japan) were both made at a quantity of 200, with 50 of each going straight to Japan, so only 150 will be available in the US!

Maxx242 and Soto have worked together on various projects over the past 20 years and have always pushed each other to progress as artists and more importantly, they share a deep respect for one another. Now they are joining forces again to make some cool shit for the world!

Obey X Strange Co. Present Mr. Spray

For the first time in 11 years, Obey will release his second toy to date. In conjunction with Strange Co., Mr. Spray is a physical manifestation of a 2004 print edition of Shepard Fairey’s, which he took from an advertising design from the 1950’s. The figure comes in 4 colors (black, red, silver, and gold) and will each respectively be sold through select retailers, Strange Co,, and the Obey website. To see more pictures and decide which toy you are going to buy (I want gold) head to

Mr. Spray black
Mr, Spray gold

Photos courtesy of ObeyGiant

The Monster Within – customized Buff Monster toys

Looks like Giant Robot’s GR2 store in LA will be a Buff Monster fan’s paradise on Saturday. Buff Monster has brought together almost 50 artists to customize blank Buff Monster toys. And the list of artists is impressive. I can’t wait to see what Flying Fortress, Skinner, Tristan Eaton, The London Police, Travis Louie and so many other talented people have come up with.

Speaking of Buff Monster, he’s been putting up some posters in LA recently:

Photo by Reserve Result

Kidrobot Customised Munny Contest

I love vinyl toys just as much as the next guy.  No, I do not care about collecting these figures, but rather, I love the detailed work that some of my favorite artists display on these mass produced creatures.  What really fascinates me is the fact that each figurine takes on a life of its own, even though they all embody the shame structure and shape.  Amazing.

This month, kidrobot, one of the leading vinyl toy manufacturers, launched a contest for people around the globe to submit their own customised  Munny.  The winner’s toy will be created and sold in stores.  The best part is that we get to view all of the entries and vote for our favorite.  Personally, I enjoy the Munny’s that still retain the original shape.  When they are altered too much, they do not not even look like the same toy.  Is that not the point in the first place?

I know Vandalog does not usually cover toys, but I had to share with everyone some of my favorites.  Go here to see all of the entries and vote for your own.

Oliy Spill
Kinder Surprise
Swiss Miss