I noticed his work a couple of years ago and I became a fan immediately. He is not only from the same country that i am from ( Peru) but he is also doing street art and is in fact really good!

I used to only hear about street artists from the other countries in South America, except  Peru, and to  discover Seimiek and his crew (the multidisciplinary art collective Fumakaka) made me realize the wonderful street art scene that is growing in South America, not just in Brazil but everywhere on the continent…

These are some new pieces by Seimiek:

Photos by Seimiek

Ola Bad’s dreamcatchers in Atlanta

In a city with very little street art like Atlanta, Ola Bad is making a big impact with his dreamcatcher project.

Check out his flickr for more info about the project.

This picture was taken right before Christmas:

photo credit by Ola Bad

This is the first in a series about empathy and homelessness. The idea is to draw dreamcatchers and put them up where homeless people sleep and go back at night to photograph them sleeping under it. My goal is in atlanta for the symbol of the dreamcatcher to become synonymous with empathy and gratitude. To see one outside even when noone is sleeping under it is to hopefully become thankful for what you have.

I got to talk to phil in the middle of putting this piece up. Hes been here for a long time and let me know that when the sun goes down thats where i can find him. We discussed the issue of homelessness and why atlanta is spending money on things other than a solution to housing them. I gave him a bottle of rum, canned food , some baked goods, and cigs. He insisted on shaking my hand even though it was covered in wheatpaste.

The next day when i was walking i saw him and he introduced me to his friend, gave me the biggest hug, and told me he loved me. Thats what its about. I could care less on how many views this gets my goal is already accomplished on a personal level. My hopes are to get a show built around a series of these and donate half of what i make to the specific person in the photo.

Have a great holiday and be thankful you arent out in the cold.
Love Ola

and this one right after the snowstorm that hit Atlanta last week:

Photos by Ola Bad