Lucy McLauchlan at FAME Fest

I am going to presume that, as a reader of this blog, you are just as excited about FAME Fest as I am. For the second year in a row, Angelo Milano from Studiocromie has pulled together a lineup of some of the best street artists from around the world.

So far Conor Harrington and Lucy McLauchlan have hit Grottaglie with their work. Conor’s piece can be seen here. Take a look below at what Lucy did to a neighboring tower.


Conor and Lucy also got busy with some pottery. I love this aspect of the festival; I think it’s great that Angelo is working so hard to promote the town’s historic ceramics district and merge this traditional urban art form with contemporary street art.

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington


Two more fantastic artists are about to make their mark at FAME starting tomorrow – more details soon!


Last Weekend in London – Black Rat Press and Laz Rathbone

Let me be the first to acknowledge that, seeing as I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, I am the last person who should be writing this post. That said, RJ himself would have done a fantastic job covering the London shows that just opened so I feel there needs to be at least some mention of them on his blog.

Below are a handful of images from Ways of Seeing (Swoon, Matt Small, Brian Adam Douglas) at Black Rat Press and Scratching The Surface (Vhils) at Lazarides Rathbone. All photos come courtesy of Ian from Wallkandy.

I was very excited about the show at Black Rat, and, as expected, the three artists delivered a strong body of work. Matt Small’s multi-paneled piece is amazing (sorry, no picture! Go to Ian’s flickr!) and I’ve heard particularly good things about Brian’s pieces from those who saw them in person. My only disappointment was that, although the space was beautifully lit, the show lacked the installation component I had been hoping for.

IMG_2666 WK Copy 600

Matt Small
Matt Small
Brian Adam Douglas
Brian Adam Douglas

Now to Laz, where Vhils’ London solo debut simply looks incredible. As if it weren’t already obvious, Alexandre has now made it clear that he is going to be a very important artist for our generation.

vhils alexandre farto

IMG_2090 WK Copy 600

IMG_2098 WK Copy 600

vhils alexandre farto


Os Gemeos Mural To Hit New York

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Os Gemeos recently, for various reasons, and was planning to write a general post about them. Rumors then began to surface that they would soon be painting the wall at the corner of Bowery and Houston Street in SoHo that was formerly home to a Keith Haring tribute mural. This rumor was confirmed as the twins were spotted beginning their work today.

For those who don’t know, the Haring mural, a recreation of one of the artist’s 1982 pieces in the same spot, was commissioned by the Keith Haring Foundation, Deitch Projects, and Goldman Properties, the wall’s owner, in honor of what would have been Haring’s 50th birthday.

Although the Haring mural was really nice, it’s going to be great to see what the twins get up there. In anticipation of it (but really because it was an excuse to sift through lots of pictures), I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the great street pieces they have painted over the past ten years.

This first mural is from 1999, when people outside Brazil were really just starting to get to know who Os Gemeos were. You can definitely see the evidence of their hip hop/b-boy/graffiti roots in their use of shape and color. The piece is a collaboration with Vitche (most of whose work is actually captured in a second photo – it is a very long wall!) I’m not sure who took the picture, but it is featured on Art Crimes.


This wall was painted in Porto Alegre in 2000. I really like the flow from figurative to wild style here. I connect with the character in the same way I connect with the characters in the work of Barry McGee, a great friend of the artists since 1993. Again, the photo is from Art Crimes.


I recently visited Cuba, and although I saw very little Cuban street art there, I saw work by Os Gemeos and Nina everywhere I looked (a lot more than I saw in Sao Paulo, strangely enough). This fantastic photo, taken by Robin Thom in 2005, really illustrates how the artists can transform an entire environment with even the tiniest piece.

os gemeos cuba

This piece was painted in Shibuya, Japan in 2007. It’s a great example of the magical world Os Gemeos invite us to enter and indulge in. Photo by ae7c.


Also from 2007, but painted in Sao Paulo, this depiction of pixacao writers offers a perspective on life in the twins’ native city. Nearly all Os Gemeos pieces contain an element of social commentary, which is heightened by their use of cultural emblems and fine attention to human behavior. Photo by ndrc.

os gemeos sao paulo

This is one of Os Gemeos’ most famous murals as it was painted on the Tate Modern back in May last year. Simple but very powerful, it is quite representative of their current style. Photo credit to Lois Stavsky.


Now, after looking through at least two hundred amazing photos, I’m more excited than ever to see their new piece!

Elisa x

Aakash Nihalani at Arario Gallery, New York

While my personal taste in art is very much rooted in the figurative, the work of Aakash Nihalani is exciting me more than most these days. His street and gallery installations are not only aesthetically and conceptually powerful – their sophistication is growing at an almost startlingly rapid pace.

It is evident that Aakash has the ability to develop and adapt his work into countless creative avenues. For now, however, his work can be viewed in a three person group show at Arario Gallery, New York. What he has produced for this show is really quite fantastic. Here are some images of the installation.


Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani

It is interesting to read some of Aakash’s thoughts behind the work.

“Since the show was titled Paraphrase, I took the opportunity to get into some text, tapeography. I did ubiquitous words that we all encounter in our daily  travels, especially as a New Yorker, but I wanted my paraphrase of the words to be aesthetically ‘better’ than their original. So the words pull, push, and exit are all written out in tape, as well as simultaneously being shown ‘acted’ out, or about to be (as in the exit piece). They were all a little bigger than human scale so as to more objectify their viewer rather than the usual other way around. I think these installations were particularly successful because they stayed true to the site specific nature of the work that got me the show in the first place (i.e. using the gallery’s door hinge to complete some of my lines), but also took on new levels of content in the figuration of the letters, and new concepts/processes of using the tape to express qualities like peeling and falling.”

These photos came from Aakash.

Elisa x

Born Under Punches – Case in Stuttgart

Case is currently showing in a three person exhibition called Born Under Punches at Galerie ABTart in Stuttgart. The work he has produced looks very strong and I really wish I could see it in person. Like so many artists whose pieces are charged with depth and texture, he is drastically diminished in jpegs.

Also wish I could see the work in color as Case’s masterful use of it is one of his greatest strengths as an artist. If I find any, I’ll add them to this post.





This is just so cool. It is a collab between Case and Smash137.


These images come via the Born Under Punches website.

Elisa x

Eine in Los Angeles

Eine has been out and about in LA over the past few nights painting his classic letters on store shutters around West Hollywood. Here are some examples of his work on La Brea and Melrose Avenues. It’s been great to see the response of people unfamiliar with what he does – it has all been overwhelmingly positive so far.






Eine’s show opens on Thursday evening, July 9th. Here’s a peek at what he’s been working on in the gallery, just the beginning of what is going to be quite an elaborate installation.


Know Hope in New York

With the team at Carmichael Gallery sadly tearing down his installation today, I decided I’d give you all a little update on what Know Hope got up to next.

Know Hope "the times won't save you (this rain smells of memory)"

After finishing his work in LA, Know Hope flew to New York to represent Israel at “No Soul For Sale – A Festival of Independents” at X Initiative. Of course I’m biased, but I thought what he did there was, as always, very moving. I’m really enjoying the delicate thematic progression in his work these days.

Know Hope at "No Soul For Sale"
Know Hope at "No Soul For Sale"
knowhope detail1 copy
detail shot

Thanks for the photos, Luna Park!

Know Hope also found the time to get outside and do some painting in Chelsea before heading home.



These photos were taken by Chris Stain. I found them on Brooklyn Street Art.

Speaking of Chris, can it please hurry up and be August so we can find out what he and Armsrock have in store for us at their Ad Hoc show? All I know is that it is going to be nothing short of amazing.


Although I only planned to write about one, somehow I’ve managed to fit three of my favorite artists into this post!

Elisa x

Zezao and Picasso Light Graffiti

Hey guys, it’s Elisa. I just wanted to share these beautiful images Zezao recently posted of his “light graffiti” in the sewers of Sao Paulo. Shot in a classic Zezao environment, these photos capture the ephemeral nature of the light and really illuminate the art on the walls. For me, the light feels almost like an extension of the painting, creating an interesting three-dimensional quality to the work.




Parallels can be drawn between Zezao’s work and the light graffiti of Picasso, as evidenced in these photographs shot by Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine in 1949. As with Zezao, elements of Picasso’s fine art can be perceived within the movements of the light.



Zezao is currently preparing for shows at Galerie LJ Beaubourg and Choque Cultural, both opening Saturday, July 4.

This Week On The Street (July 1 – July 8)

Hey everyone, Elisa here again with my weekly street art calendar. There are some really interesting events going on this week! If you’re in London, please enjoy the Christie’s auction, Black Rat Press show, and Vhils‘ long-awaited Laz solo for me! I’m really jealous!

Wednesday July 1

NY: WK Interact Book Signing and Artist Talk @ Jonathan Levine Gallery, 6-9pm

London: Post War and Contemporary Art Day Auction @ Christie’s, from 2pm


(Before the auction begins, make sure you check out this guide to some of the pieces to watch on Arrested Motion)

Thursday July 2

San Francisco: Word To Mother @ Fifty24SF Gallery, 7-9:30pm

London: Swoon, Matt Small, Brian Adam Douglas @ Black Rat Press


London: Summer Group Show @ Stolenspace Gallery, 6-9pm

Friday July 3

London: Vhils @ Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Place


Saturday July 4

Paris: Choque Cultural Group Show @ Galerie LJ Beaubourg, from 7pm

Paris: Jonone Solo & Book Signing @ Galerie Magna Danysz, 6-9pm

Sao Paulo: Alex Hornest @ Galeria Thomas Cohn, 12-3pm

Sao Paulo: Group Show @ Choque Cultural, from 4pm

Sunday July 5

Berlin: Urban Affairs – Contemporary Urban Art and Street Art Festival

This is only a sample of what is on, so if you know of anything you think should be added, please email me at elisa @ Thanks!

This Week on the Street (June 25 – July 1)

Forgot to introduce myself with my first guest post. My name is Elisa Carmichael and I co-own and run Carmichael Gallery in LA. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be providing a weekly mini calendar of street art-related events opening around the world, plus little updates on things I hear about in the art world.

Here is a taste of what’s coming up this week. If you know of anything else that’s going on, please email me at elisa (at) and I will add it to the list. Thanks!

Thursday June 25

NY: Aakash Nihalani, Cui Fei, Minette Margahas @ Arario Gallery, 6-8pm

Friday June 26

NY: Gaia and Imminent Disaster @ Ad Hoc Art, 7-10pm

NY: Plenty Of Room On The Couch @ Eastern District, from 7pm

NY: Fundraiser for India Street Mural Project @ Gallery 1889, 7-11pm

NY: Visual Slang 2009: The Modern Urban Imagination @ Abrons Arts Center, 6-8pm

AZ: David Choong Lee @ Joseph Cross Gallery, 5-7pm

London: 25th Anniversary of Subway Art @ Black Rat Press, 7-9pm

Bristol: Urban Art Auction @ View Gallery, from 6:30pm

Stuttgart: Case, Satone, Smash137 @ Galerie ABTart, from 8pm

Vienna: Connect 4 @ INOPERAbLE, the Sixxa Store and the Street Art Passage in the Museums Quartier, from 7pm (continues Sat June 27)

Sat June 27

LA: Park Life: The New Utopia @ Subliminal Projects, 8-11pm

NY: WK Interact and Invader @ Jonathan Levine Gallery, 7-9pm

Mon June 29

Paris: Street Art Auction @ Art Curial, from 2:30pm