New job, changes to Vandalog (maybe)

Jane Golden and I outside the offices of The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Jane Golden and I outside the offices of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

As you may have seen earlier this week on Instagram or Twitter, on Tuesday I started a new job at the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, an amazing public art organization that has been transforming Philadelphia for three decades. I couldn’t be more excited about this new job.

Why should you care about my new employment status? Transitioning from being a student to working full time for an organization that does work that overlaps with what we cover at Vandalog may mean some changes for the blog. I’m not sure exactly what those changes will look like, or how significant they will be. I’m not planning to shut Vandalog down, focus exclusively on legal work, or write a weekly post about what the Mural Arts Program is up to.

I hope you will use common sense and be aware of this new potential conflict of interest as you read Vandalog. For example, the Mural Arts Program has worked extensively with Steve Powers, so I’m probably not going to post a rant here if I think his next mural is terrible. And I’ll try to be conscious of this conflict of interest too, pointing it out when necessary and appropriate. I figure we’re all intelligent and respectful enough of one another that this won’t be an issue, and may in fact lead to some positive changes for the site, like more guest posts to fill any gap left by me having less time to write.

Photo by Pedro Alonzo