How have we missed this one: Sebastian Velasco


This is a fresh piece in Santander, Spain by Sebastian Velasco. When¬†Savage Habbit¬†posted this piece, I was stopped dead in my tracks. I hadn’t heard of Velasco, and given the amount of ingenious creativity and masterful technical-ability that went into this piece, that seems absurd. Sebastian (or “Sebas”) Velasco works a wall like a dream journal. His illustrative style reminds me of work by members of the Paris-based crew Da Mental Vaporz, in that he playfully re-imagines cityscapes and the human form, and deliberately splices in graffiti.

Sebas Velasco is someone we’re going to be keeping on our radar. Follow him on Facebook, Flickr or his personal website, but no matter what- stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Velasco