Art for a condemned building

Bisser for Last Breath

I love the idea of Last Breath, a new project out of the UK. The idea is to send one artist into an abandoned due for demolition shortly before the building is knocked down and to document each “last breath” on video. The interventions are done without permission. The idea isn’t completely unheard of, but this first video with Bisser turned out really well, so I’m excited to see what’s next from Last Breath.

Here’s a little something from Tom, Last Breath’s founder, about Last Breath’s work with Bisser:

In December 2013, Bisser gave Blackfriars Cafe in Southwark what it deserved: a one-off beautification before its materiality will be replaced by a residential construction on the back of regeneration plans in the area. Blackfriars Cafe closes its eyes after a brief lifetime of 35 years; half the expected lifetime of a human being. When Bisser finished, we gathered, photographed the work, admired the building and waved Blackfriars Cafe a final “good bye”. With the first beautification and exhibition behind us, we are currently preparing for the next episode.

Photo courtesy of Last Breath