Icy and Sot respond to tragedy with a new mural


Last month, the Brooklyn music scene was shaken by the murder of three Iranian musicians in an East Williamsburg apartment by a gunman who then committed suicide. The gunman, who used an assault rifle, was also an Iranian musician who had immigrated to NYC. The New York Times’ article on the whole tragedy is worth reading for the full story.

Iranian street artists and brothers Icy and Sot lived in the apartment where the murders took place. While they both survived, Sot was shot. Now, just a few weeks later, it appears Icy and Sot have taken to the streets to respond to the tragedy with the above mural, located on Allen Street near the corner of Allen and Stanton in NYC. While the artists have not made any explicit reference to the shooting in their posts online about the mural, the connection is clear.

Photo from Icy and Sot’s Facebook page