The diversity of You Go Girl


Until I was looking through Carnage NYC‘s photos, it never really dawn on my just how much variety You Go Girl has in their work. You Go Girl is one of those rare artists somewhere between a street artist and a graffiti writer who really has no boundaries for how they get up. It could be stickers, rollers, posters, spraypaint… It could be a character, tag, a throw-up… You Go Girl doesn’t fit comfortably any boxes. That sets them apart from a lot of street artists and graffiti writers who seem to find one thing and stick to doing that well until they get recognition for it (and then they keep going but at least by that point they might be getting paid).

Here’s just a small sampling of the different styles of work that You Go Girl produces on the street:


You Go Girl with The Reader aka Boans
You Go Girl with The Reader aka Boans
You Go Girl with The Reader
You Go Girl with The Reader







Photos by Carnage NYC