ND’A paints a door in Little Italy


ND’A painted the latest piece at The L.I.S.A. Project NYC (co-curated by Wayne Rada and I) this week in NYC’s Little Italy. He painted on a door that was last painted by Bishop203 earlier this year. I probably shouldn’t write this, but this is honestly my second favorite piece I’ve helped to organize in Little Italy so far. The first is of course Ron English’s massive Temper Tot, but I think ND’A really outdid himself here. I hope everyone walking down Mulberry Street this summer is as big a fan of ND’A’s work as I am.

Also, we just started a Facebook page for The L.I.S.A. Project NYC.

More photos after the jump…

ND'A at work
ND’A at work





Photos courtesy of The LISA Project NYC