It’s twilight in America


Jetsonorama sent over this photograph along with an interesting explanation:

after reading your piece about shep’s displeasure with the obama administration, i too am bummed.

i pasted an image of a kid from my community on a roadside stand in april.  when i shot the image the kid (owen), was playing with matches while his mom was watching a video close by.  hoping he wouldn’t notice him, he’d peer over his shoulder from time to time to see if she was looking.  the look on his face is one of guilt + slyness, hoping he doesn’t get caught with his hand in the cookie jar so to speak.

a visitor to the little colorado river gorge where the image is pasted recently shot this image which in my mind is a subtle commentary on our current state of politics with the obama administration getting caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar – increasing the use of drone missles, spying on it’s citizens + allies and not persecuting those responsible for the predatory lending that resulted in the housing crisis.

it’s twilight in america.

Photo by James Patrick Kelly