Escif and the pizza place


I think this piece by Escif close our our coverage of Public Art Horsens, a recent mural project in Horsens, Denmark. I really love what Escif did here. He has done a great job in Horsens and elsewhere of subverting expectations and keeping rebellion in mural festivals in programs that all-too-often just result in wall decoration. Photographer Henrik Haven, who helped organize the murals, sent over a story explaining this mural…

-The organizers: “Hello, we are working on a public art project here in Horsens, so we are looking for some walls to intervene. A selected group of international artists will arrive in town to create public works on various locations in the end of June.”

-The owner of the building: “Sounds really interesting. The Turkish pizzeria that just opened in the adjacent premises is not the most beautiful image for my building… you know! So I´m sure that some nice renowned artists can equilibrate this.”

-The organizers: “Sounds good, sir!”

And here is what Escif painted next to the pizzeria:


Photos by Henrik Haven