Fiasco Creative Art Magazine review

Fiasco 2 005

Recently, I received the latest edition of London-based Fiasco Creative Art Magazine. Fiasco has a lot of promise; with full-color glossy pages, it’s hard to detect this is only the second issue. The quality is somewhere between a full-fledged magazine and your average art zine. For this issue, there are interviews with ACE, Hello Monsters, Abject One and Michael De Feo. Although the street art photography isn’t formally labeled (that is to say, the artist has perhaps signed the piece but regardless the magazine doesn’t cite them), the zine is full of interesting snaps of what’s been happening on the streets of London.

I used to spend hours in book stores flipping through every street art book, absorbing every image, and of course wanting to reread them all at home. But let’s face it: art books are expensive. Receiving a quarterly zine is a great way to get the same or similar content of those books but more recent and for less money. Is it as long or durable as a book? No, but they’re probably still worth saving. Fiasco is just £5 (just under $8) per issue and the last edition came with a poster by ACE.

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Photos by Ross Beasley