mobstr invites Bethnal Green to have a scribble


I came across this piece by mobstr yesterday in London near the Bethnal Green underground station. From what I found on Instagram, it looks like The Scribble Wall was installed on Wednesday morning and very quickly got covered by passersby by the time I came across it in the early afternoon. This is one of my favorite ad takeovers in a while. In addition to covering an advertisement, mobstr chained four markers to the billboard, allowing anyone to add their voice (although a few of those voices did end up being advertisements themselves). Most people who I saw walking by the billboard didn’t notice it or didn’t care to stop, but a lot of people did stop to take a look or scribble something of their own. I asked two teenage girls who were writing on the board what they thought it was. They said they had no idea, but that they thought it was really cool. I agree.







As a little bonus, I also came across this mobstr piece in Hackney Wick yesterday evening:


Photos by RJ Rushmore