Hyuro at work on her 271 meter long wall in Copenhagen

05 IMG_5805

Hyuro is currently at work in Copenhagen painting a massive (271-meter long) mural. I really want to drive along this road once the piece is done. She also has a solo show, In/Between, of 17 drawings opening in a few days at ArtRebels (Nørre Voldgade 18) in Copenhagen. In/Between opens on Friday the 24th from 5-8pm and runs through June 15th.

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About the mural, Hyuro says:

“In the battle of opposites, nobody wins and nobody loses. It’s just a cycle, just another one. A deer runs and disappears in the trees, the forest devouring it in its branches. You can’t win the race against time. The night will come first and bring its darkness, but Copenhagen can sleep peacefully. The sun will rise again in the morning and the deer will continue along his way. Nature takes its course. Nature meets city meets nature; chaos meets order meets chaos; night meets day meets night.”

Check out more more pictures of the mural in progress and a preview of the show after the jump…15 IMG_6052

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From the exhibition "In:between" 3

Photos by Henrik Haven